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Location: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center – Exhibition Road, Siming District of Xiamen City No. 198
Date: September 08, 2020 09:00 – September 11, 2020 18:00
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About Amoywine

Amoy is the old name of “Xiamen”, derived from the Minnan dialect pronunciation in the Zhangzhou area. The term was first used by the Portuguese in the late 15th and early 16th centuries and was used by international media during wartime.

Based in Xiamen, AmoyWine aims to help well-known wine and spirits brands to expand their market in southeast coastal areas and other parts of China through the efficient platform of professional exhibition.

AmoyWine is one of the four major professional fairs of CIFIT.CIFIT, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and certified by the international association of exhibition industries (UFI), integrates international investment BBS, a series of seminars on hot investment issues and project docking.

Xiamen convention and exhibition bureau, the organizer of AmoyWine, was established in July 2012. It is a public institution directly under the Xiamen government. It is a permanent working institution of China international investment and trade fair (circ), cross-strait mechanical and electronic commodity fair and Xiamen Taiwan import and export commodity fair (ciec) and Taiwan strait BBS. Founded in June 2000, Fujian hui yuan international exhibition co., ltd. are one of the “top ten exhibition exhibitors in China convention and exhibition industry” and the “global general agent for the international exhibition area of China import and export commodities fair”.

The organizing committee maintains good cooperative relations with consulates and business associations of various countries and has rich experience in expanding international supplier resources.In 2017, AmoyWine organizing committee will invite new brands from France, Italy, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, and other wine-producing countries to participate in the exhibition, providing more diversified choices for circulation enterprises to expand their international supplier network.

Product Categories:

1. All kinds of wine: red wine, white wine, rose wine, champagne, sherry, ice wine, etc

2. All kinds of spirits: baijiu, whiskey, brandy, vodka, sake, rum, tequila, gin, etc

3. Other alcoholic drinks: domestic liquor, yellow rice wine, health wine, beer, fruit wine, etc

4. Wine utensils and related products: bottle cap, bottle stopper, wine nose, wooden box, wine cabinet, decanting apparatus, wine matching, accessories, wine packaging and storage technology, etc

5. Representative articles of wine culture: wine barrels, cans, equipment, utensils, wine books and magazines, wine brand and advertising design, media, training institutions and service institutions, etc


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