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Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show

Location: Nanjing International Expo Center
Date: June 19, 2020 09:00 – June 21, 2020 17:00

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In recent years, the outdoor sports industry in China has entered the fast track of development

In recent years, the outdoor sports industry in China has entered the fast track of development. The people who take the lead in outdoor activities are constantly improving the degree of specialization of outdoor sports and equipment. The mass group is also gradually accepting the leisure mode and sports-oriented equipment with outdoor sports as the content and pursuing the combination of functionality and fashion. Female consumers have gradually become the main force to promote sustained economic growth.


The Asia Pacific outdoor exhibition will continue to explore the outdoor field

The Asia Pacific outdoor exhibition will continue to explore the outdoor field, creating special areas for water sports, sports cycling, outdoor travel and life, and women’s sports. Dig deep into the outdoor trend attributes, innovation IN!OUTDOOR current function release area; Around the sustainable development of the development criteria, additional environmental protection and public welfare zone, popularization, establish the importance of environmental protection.


In addition, in the Asia-pacific outdoor during last year

In addition, in the Asia-pacific outdoor during last year, Nanjing NingFei company focused on respectively with exclusive trend for snow friends ski community BOOMSKI, domestic sea fishing enthusiasts to provide a full range of sea fishing service HuaGong body produce signed a strategic cooperation agreement, as the further development of skiing, sea fishing set up a partnership, this year’s Asia Pacific outdoor joint will be more high quality resources, create ice and snow sports zone, sea fishing zones, and is on the basis of market demand, develop the leisure sports zone, the layout of the diversified mining broader sales approach for the exhibitors, attract a broader consumer crowd.


Sub-section accurate business matching

In order to effectively improve the participation efficiency of the brand and horizontally extend the influence of the exhibition, the Asia-pacific outdoor exhibition 2020 will vigorously invite professional visitors such as e-commerce, dealers, buyers, KOL and brand operators to explore more partners and new business opportunities. We will continue to set up special business matching and cross-border e-commerce activities on the exhibition site to provide more accurate trade cooperation opportunities for the brand, conduct direct communication with potential partners, establish our own “relationship” network, and open an efficient connection mode. The online trade cooperation community aims to build one-stop business cooperation and exchange platform through online and offline three-dimensional services!

Secondly, according to the different needs of brand owners and the changes in the market environment, the Asia Pacific outdoor exhibition will optimize the structure of trade audience and vigorously explore new audience resources. On the one hand, through the city publicity station, practitioners in outdoor and related industries (sports/travel/skiing/diving) are recruited;On the other hand, to invite overseas visitors, Ningfei has set up a North American office in Canada, and actively prepare to set up the European office and Southeast Asia office.

In addition, the 2020 Asia Pacific outdoor exhibition will also add more channel resources and solution suppliers at home and abroad to help brands and enterprises reach deals, complete their own adjustments and changes, and build an efficient trading platform.

Fourthly, the exhibition will be open to the public for two days after the exhibition. Outdoor enthusiasts and citizens are invited to participate in the on-site outdoor mountain market and related experience projects.

Finally, for all the exhibitors and visitors of the Asia Pacific outdoor exhibition, the Asia Pacific outdoor exhibition has fully launched the “mountain and stream exchange” membership system, aiming to provide members with more thoughtful trade exchanges, media promotion, on-site and online cooperation, and other long-term services.

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