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Asia-Pacific Perishable Logistics and Cold-Chain Exhibition

Location: Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex – No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Date: August 03, 2020 09:00 – August 05, 2020 18:00
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Asia-Pacific Perishable Logistics and Cold-chain Exhibition(PLCE)
 Asia-Pacific Perishable Logistics and Cold-chain Exhibition(PLCE) will be inaugurated in China Import and Export Fair Complex. The exhibition scale and exhibitors will be increased year by year, and more attention will be paid to the creation of a display platform for the whole industrial chain of fresh and cold chain logistics. In addition, there will be four thematic areas, including international exhibition area, fresh e-commerce area, cold storage freezer area, and fresh cold chain logistics area. The other three exhibitions will be held concurrently, such as  China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair (China VMF),  China (Guangzhou) Int’ l Commercial Payment System & Device Expo(CCP), the China (Guangzhou)  Int’l New Retail & Unattended Vending Industry Expo (NRE), converging a flood of national pavilions and professional visitors from over 30 countries. Furthermore, the exhibition spans over an area of 50,000 square meters, committing to setting up a professional platform for Internet + smart full cold chain solutions.  
Product Category:
  • Cold chain information system: cold chain whole-process monitoring and management system, food safety traceability system, 3GPS device, automatic identification device cold chain distribution and procurement system, barcode technology, management software, Internet of things technology, etc.;
  • Refrigerate refrigerated transport equipment and accessories: Marine refrigerated container, reefer, aviation refrigerated transport, refrigerated trucks, cars, modified container refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated locomotives, insulated car, automotive refrigeration units and parts, car refrigerator, refrigeration transport box (pharmaceutical grade, food grade), frozen boxes, insulation boxes (food grade), refrigerator and ice packs, etc.;
  • Chilled equipment technology: chilled storage equipment, chilled display platform, chilled display cabinet, storage cabinet, borneol, ice machine and chilled technology;
  • Refrigerating cabinet display cabinet: all kinds of assembled refrigerating warehouses, refrigerating warehouses and refrigerating rooms, quick-freezing equipment, refrigeration units, refrigerating panels, refrigerating lamps, refrigerating doors, temperature control technology, refrigerating accessories, refrigerating safety, environmental protection and energy saving technology, refrigerating design and lighting energy saving technology of refrigerating facilities, etc.;Refrigerator in supermarkets, commercial display refrigerator, special refrigerated display cabinet, refrigerator in cafes and restaurants, fresh cabinet, portable refrigerator, refrigerator accessories, laboratory refrigeration equipment and accessories, etc.
  • Fresh food e-commerce: platform e-commerce, dairy e-commerce, direct e-commerce, pastry e-commerce, fruits and vegetables e-commerce, flowers e-commerce, meat e-commerce, integrated food e-commerce, aquatic products e-commerce and imported food e-commerce, etc.
  • Comprehensive refrigeration materials and accessories: cold storage materials, sealing materials, insulation materials, phase change materials, accessories for preservation equipment, refrigerator and refrigerator accessories, etc.;
  • Cold chain logistics and distribution services: third/fourth party cold chain logistics services, cold chain detection & monitoring services, cold chain information services, cold chain packaging solutions, cold chain storage logistics parks, design institutes and other;
  • Sorting, processing, fruit and vegetable food preservation and packaging equipment: fruit and vegetable sorting system, separator, auxiliary equipment, fruit and vegetable picking machine, cutting machine, fruit and vegetable washing machine, drain, protect color machine, dewatering machine, dryer, peeling machine, fruit and vegetable modified atmosphere packaging machine, vacuum packing machine, water purification, sterilization packaging machine, ozone sterilization equipment, plastic wrap, bags, food retail equipment, preservatives fruits and vegetables preservation tank, fresh water preservation equipment, heat treatment equipment, fruit and vegetable processing production line, the central kitchen dedicated equipment, fruit and vegetable cleaning line…Preservation machinery (vacuum packaging machine and shrink packaging machine), storage technology and preservation table, etc.;
  • Food safety rapid detection equipment: food microorganism and drug testing, food additives, food safety rapid detection, detection of genetically modified food, food quality control and testing, testing analysis instrument, rapid detection card kits, food ingredients, microorganism, epidemics, toxin pesticide residues detection instrumentation, chemical elements, genetically modified ingredients, additives and ingredients detection instrument, sample preparation, analysis, water and water quality inspection, food testing instrument accessories, consumables, metal, nonmetal elements and foreign body detection equipment and third party inspection services, etc.;

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