Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition(AWHE)

Location: Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex – No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Date: August 16, 2020 09:00 – August 18, 2020 18:00
  Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition(AWHE)  
Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition(AWHE)
It is literally “heating” inside Chinese water heating market right now, with new opportunities rising and new direction emerging brought by national energy strategies like West-East Gas Pipeline Project, Coal-Shift-to-Electricity and Coal-Shift-to-Gas Project, etc. Rooted in Guangzhou, Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition (AWHE) is an annual feast of domestic and global water heating industry providing you with latest technological advancement and authoritative analysis on markets.  
AWHE Offers the Industry a Higher Level of Development
Opportunities are often accompanied by challenges. In the era of increasing continual economic and trade contact among regions and nations, companies should not only focused on immediate profits but also grasp the potential opportunities. Under this tendency, AWHE is always aiming to break the inherited doctrine of traditional business and find new ways to bring sustainable development that keeps up with the growing market to the industry by multi-industrial integration and innovation.  
AWHE provides the shoulder of a giant for every insider of the heating industry to see furthe 
Therefore, AWHE provides the shoulder of a giant for every insider of the heating industry to see further. Every year, first-class HVAC enterprises from all over the world gather together in crowds at AWHE bringing the latest technology and infinitive opportunities to Dealers, wholesalers, engineers, and traders. Data on overseas purchases last year. the edition has already shown the amazing potential of the thermal water market, which is bound to gain more and more attention from international media and communities. Predictably, the thermal water market in China is facing a boom this year.  
Overseas markets like Southeast Asia will most likely be the next focus of the world’s heating industry 
Besides China, overseas markets like Southeast Asia will most likely be the next focus of the world’s heating industry. Following the market expansion of the entire Asia-Pacific area, the future AWHE will go beyond the traditional field of thermal water and enter new domains of Heat pump drying, floor heating, etc. We also suggest enterprises adapt to the pace of market development and break new ground.  
China Produced 50.26 Million Pieces of Water Heaters last year
Data from CNIC registers that by the last year, China was home to 4000+ water heater makers, which collectively produced 50.26 million pieces of water heaters (22.8 million pieces of electric water heater, 18.4 million pieces of gas water heaters, 7.4 million pieces of solar power water heaters, and 1.66 million pieces of heat pump water heaters).  
Preview of AWHE this year
As one of the primary events of its line in China, AWHE is going to concentratedly display the new generation of green & smart water heating technologies. 80% exhibitors would like to exhibit again this year. The 20,000 sq.m show floor of AWHE is going to be packed with buyers from over 40 countries and regions!
Exhibition Category:
▪Heat Pump Product and Equipment                                ▪Solar Water Heating Equipment ▪Electric Water Heater ▪Gas Water Heater ▪Related Accessories and Equipment, Water Management System, Hot Water Solution, Energy-saving Hot Water Project, etc.      


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