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Beijing Beauty Fair(Beijing Health & Cosmetic Expo)

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: June 04, 2020 09:00 – June 06, 2020 18:00
  Beijing Beauty Fair(Beijing Health & Cosmetic Expo) 1
Beijing Health & Cosmetic Expo will welcome beauty professionals from all over the world at the China international exhibition center.
Beijing Health & Cosmetic Expo will be held in China international exhibition center (old both Chaoyang district north three-ring east road no. 6) was held, this exhibition size of about 25000 square meters, the big four pavilions, provide an ideal platform for the development of beauty industry and the trend of new industry, involving the professional beauty, hairdressing, daily chemical, medicine, health preservation, three beautiful decorative pattern, what business areas such as electricity and international brands have;The exhibition by Beijing American global cultural communication together with Shandong beauty bo international culture communication, as a Chinese beauty series chain exhibition, Beijing station, this exhibition will give priority to with “health and beauty”, planning for expanding the scope of the show, the oral care, shower bath is blended in among them, also will hold a series of technical contest activities and commercial planning both academic peak BBS and other wonderful activities.

At that time, there will be more than a thousand kinds of new products and new technologies in the industry amazing appearance, together into a continuous beauty ecosystem, for north China beauty practitioners and industry leaders to create opportunities for exchanges and cooperation, resource sharing, access to market information!

This exhibition will face the whole world, show the unique combination of eastern and western culture, technology and other resources, reconstruct, melt new and innovative label highlights, gradually abandon the same type of traditional beauty industry exhibition, strive to create a professional platform for the globalization of the chain of the beauty industry! To create a beauty exhibition featuring exhibition services and products, with the core of improving the commercial nature, to further reshape the brand value of the beauty industry, to meet customer demand, introduce high-end beauty products from around the world, take national brands abroad, and face the international economic stage of the beauty industry;At the same time, the introduction of overseas high and new technology and research and development concept, for the development of China’s beauty industry to make the finishing touch, and then create a borderless development trend of the whole industry!

Focus on service, empower the industry! In this exhibition, the audience will see “imported products” and “national makeup” go hand in hand, China’s cosmetics industry is showing a flourishing scene of a hundred flowers bloom! At the same time, on the basis of the traditional exhibition, synchronously linked “Weibo online” webcast platform, the live reporter in-person enterprise booth, select hundreds of new products of the beauty industry trend, open a beauty industry live ceremony! Officially entering the new era of online and offline integration, enabling the industry!

Product Categories:
  • Daily cosmetics: daily cosmetics, washing and personal care products, color makeup, perfume, baby skincare products, oral care products;
  • Professional line: beauty salon skincare products, body products, and instruments, health care SPA products and equipment, Tattoo, aromatherapy, nail products and tools, raw materials, OEMODM and other supply chain products;
  • Haircare products: washing and dyeing products, hair products, hair care, and development products, hair accessories, hair care equipment;
  • Medical plastic surgery: plastic surgery equipment, instruments, plastic surgery technology, plastic surgery institutions, biological gene beauty products;
  • Weight loss and health care category: packaging equipment, all kinds of containers, special cases, decoration printing;
  • Female fashion products: fashion accessories, consumer goods, salon skincare, instruments, health care products, makeup bags, etc.
  • Packaging materials: packaging equipment, all kinds of containers, special cases, decoration printing;
  • Oral beauty: teeth whitening, oral care products;
  • Bath: hot spring, swimming pool, bath, sauna, club, SPA, foot bath, health industry;
  • Others: meiye micro e-commerce, professional media, education and training institutions;


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