Beijing Early Childhood Education Exhibition

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: May 11, 2020 09:00 – May 13, 2020 17:00
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The  Beijing international Toys and Preschool Tools Exhibition & Kindergarten Supplies Auxiliary Equipment Exhibition
The  Beijing international Toys and Preschool Tools Exhibition & Kindergarten Supplies Auxiliary Equipment Exhibition(Beijing International Preschool Tools Exhibition)had been held in China International  Exhibition Center, Beijing.,which is expected to attract over visitors from home and abroad. Such domestic and foreign famous brands including “Logico”, “Westwood”, “Educo”, “KcbPlay”, “Lego”,“Huachengweilai”, “Aimier”, “Hongen”,“Yitongtianxia”, “Bofei”, “Montessori”, “Haijilun”, “Pustefix”, “Little Tikes”, “Zhixuechengbao”, etc. are collected in this Exhibition. Meantime,  China International Preschool Education Forum will be held for those kindergarten leaders to discuss early education achievements, challenges and developments;Bring the Perfect service to the VIPs. Nearly 20000 Buyers participated in this fair and complete the trade with exhibitors. BJKSE will provide you with a very effective opportunity for business negotiations。

The  Beijing International Preschool Tools Exhibition will be held from in China International  Exhibition Center, Comprehensive publicity, the meticulous organization will bring you more harvest. This event is approved by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and it’s the largest international preschool education fair in China mainland. The exhibition area is 45,000 square meters and more than 700 companies from China, Germany, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and other countries will be present at the fair. It provides a big platform for manufacturers, buyers to conduct effective business. It can help you explore the international markets here.
the basic situation of the exhibition
◎national brands, foreign brands on the same stage style show
With the rapid development of preschool education China, overseas educational toys companies targeting the mainland market. Denmark’s “Lego” teaching toys, Japan’s “LaQ”, “Montessori”, “Froebel”, the German “fischertip”, South Korea’s “LQkey”, “LOGICO”, Israel “interstar”, Taiwan’s “Watson Wei” and other educational toys brands have debuted. In the face of the challenge of overseas brands,” Hong En”、” Diabolo”、” Teletubbies”、”Yunhe teach toys”、” Le Zhilin”、” Wang Bei”、” the sunshine preschool education”、” Golden childhood”、” Wooden play family”、” Butch paradise”、” Yi Dubai”、” Good learn treasure”、” Star Wisdom”、” Baby Garden” Positive response to national brands. Hardcover booth image, highlighting the strength of the enterprise.
◎The educational toys, educational toys for recreation
Faced with the contradiction between learning and playing, parents seem helpless. Smart manufacturers the scene early childhood education and the combination of organic materials will be developed together with the learning and animated stories, the knowledge of life manifested in the form of the game, let the children learn in the course of play, to acquire knowledge in the game. GabeGaden”、 ” Hong En”、 “LOGICO”、” Bofill”、” Tuo Deli”、” 、” Teletubbies” and Toy show live demonstrations of special education and entertainment products received praise in the industry.
    Yun he Educational toy company based polyol elementary education designed GabeGaden products, is the first completely original language supporting education in kindergarten teaching aids, Product contains the console, a variety of dolls, magnets, and other props, language teaching implanted into a fairy tale. This by the advent of independent research and development of children’s language education supporting products, marking the Yunhe toys enterprises are from “made in China” to “created in China” change, let Chinese children have really belonged to their educational and teaching activities.
safe toys, toys, sing the main theme of environmental protection
Gradually increase awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection requirements of the standard toy products is also increasing. “Wooden play family”、”Wyatt collar”, “Porphyria”, “Montessori”, “big head”, “pleasant”, “Acer” and other top domestic wooden toy companies focus on appearance. These companies get ISO9001,2000 international quality system certification on the basis of the European Union also adopted a safety standard EN-71, American ASTM-F963, and other countries. Products, whether material, painting, packaging or so in full compliance with international safety and environmental standards. This environmentally friendly toys will become the new favorite toy market.
    High-tech is widely applied in the toy industry, an increase of toy of the concept of environmental protection, from Korea MCA Sand Magic sand – Air clay, because the product uses made of plant fiber, this “toy sand” even after being belly to eat children nor on children harm.
◎kindergarten supplies, equipment into the market new favorite
With the rising heat of preschool education, and supporting kindergarten supplies, equipment is favor of kindergarten, kindergarten recreational equipment manufacturers in the new era, happy childhood, fantasy music, Adele, Tong Xinle, Wong Pui, kindergarten supporting recreation equipment products by the visitor’s love. Olympic Games higher environmental performance flooring suppliers Hao Kang floor, speed floor flooring manufacturers specified. Enter preschool education industry with a new image, anti-skid, wear-resistant, environmental protection, and personalized design pattern will be meeting with the head of the kindergarten comments from.
◎Management Forum, Course Expert Forum show someone how to get onto the right path
Exhibition held in the same period of management innovation forum, the forum of kindergarten curriculum, preschool education industry investment and financing and Brand Forum and other related activities. Invited to the preschool education expert Liu Aihua, Tong Lequan, Chinese American Wang Dongyi, preschool education legal experts Liao Yanfang, yuan investment experts, brand management expert Li Zhiqi, etc.. Discuss with the participants of the kindergarten curriculum, safety management, brand management, and other issues. The number of 460 people to participate in the forum. The forum has received high praise from the principal participants.
◎professional audience to visit the exhibition to experience “God treatment”
Key organizers invite domestic and overseas professional buyers, kindergarten, preschool education institutions will be responsible to visit. Any level above the brand agents, agent more than two brands, the organizing committee to provide free two-star hotel. To visit the exhibition site registered kindergarten, by effective certificate enjoy provided by the Organizing Committee of tea, gifts and other guests courtesy. Professional visitors to visit the show to enjoy the “God” – like treatment.

Exhibition Products:

Educational Toys,Educational Articles,Kindergarten Supplies & Auxiliary Equipment,Animation Recreation Facilities etc.

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