Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition

Location: Beijing – New China International Exhibition Center – No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi, Beijing, China,
Date: July 31, 2020 09:00 – August 02, 2020 18:00




Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition will become a communication platform between the industry

Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition will become a communication platform between the industry and the management department, through a comprehensive display of the industry products and development achievements, together for the industry future planning blueprint. The active participation of domestic and foreign well-known automobile, parts, and supplies manufacturers, dealers and motorcycle users will make the exhibition a platform for display and trading, jointly promote the progress and improvement of technical products, and promote the prosperity and development of the market.


Beijing international motorcycle exhibition will also be built to show

In the new era, the motorcycle has gradually transformed from a simple means of transport into short-distance urban transportation, leisure, and entertainment and reflects the cultural products of personality. Beijing, with profound historical and cultural heritage, traditional culture and modern civilization, is not only the national motorcycle culture center but also the largest consumer market for high-end motorcycles and supplies. Beijing international motorcycle exhibition will also be built to show and lead the development of motorcycle culture platform, through the scene of the exhibition and the domestic mainstream media and new media on the multi-level, all-round report, help exhibitors and visitors to understand the motorcycle culture, promote the healthy development of motorcycle culture.


Product Category:

1. Whole vehicle area: general motorcycle, large displacement motorcycle, off-road motorcycle, special motorcycle, modified car, tricycle, police motorcycle, all kinds of new energy motorcycle

2. Maintenance and parts area: motorcycle engine, frame, shock absorber, brake, wheel hub, sprocket, chain, tire, oil tank, muffler, electrical parts, lamps, locks, cover parts, and other motorcycle parts, lubricating oil

3. Equipment, supplies and technical area: motorcycle testing equipment, motorcycle maintenance equipment, repair tools, motorcycle clothing and appliances, helmets, sports protective equipment supplies, motorcycle accessories

4. Modification area: modification club, decoration, modification accessories

5. Test and performance area: test ride, test drive, and stunt performance

6. Culture exhibition area: motorcycle culture and experience

7. Related technology exhibition area: Internet of things, artificial intelligence, satellite positioning, insurance

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