International Hotel Design & Engineering Exhibition

Location: Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) – No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, China
Date: November 24, 2021 – November 26, 2021



Under the background of national tourism development of big accommodation and big tourism projects

Under the background of national tourism development of big accommodation and big tourism projects, it is imperative to adjust and upgrade the industrial structure of the hotel industry. One of the key elements of grand tourism is to highlight the culture and style of the hotel brand through design and engineering, so as to realize the presence of the five elements of the hotel “features, image, appearance, supporting facilities and services”, and finally provide comfortable and convenient experience and service for tourists.


Nowadays, many hotel groups have developed hotel complex and tourism complex projects

Nowadays, many hotel groups have developed hotel complex and tourism complex projects. Hotel groups will build large tourist destination projects according to local characteristics and brand image, including accommodation, shopping, entertainment, food, business, and other demands. This kind of hotel project development requires the brand, the owner and the design and engineering company built together, in the face of change and the demand of the industry, and Jinjiang conveniently as the biggest domestic hotel group hosted the “China international hotel design and engineering (Shanghai) exhibition”, build a hotel group with each big design, engineering company cooperation, and exchange platform, for the design of the hotel industry company and engineering suppliers to provide more information and business opportunities.


The exhibition scope

1. Design section: design firm – design institution

2. Engineering materials: wall materials, ceramic sanitary ware, stone Mosaic, coating and chemical materials, green building materials, ground decoration materials, wall decoration materials, top decoration materials, cloth art soft packaging

3. Engineering equipment: integrated house and supporting equipment, HVAC and refrigeration equipment, weak current engineering equipment, swimming pool sauna equipment, water treatment system, building glass, window shading, outdoor landscape, elevator.

4. Engineering interior decoration: window decoration, stair decoration, wood products, overall home, hotel engineering lighting, decorative lighting, lighting design, LED lighting, LED display screen, LED advertising light source, audio, and video system


Exhibition Highlights:

1. The total size is estimated to reach 80,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,000 participating enterprises and more than 50,000 professional buyers.

2. The distinct theme exhibition area, highlighting the new direction of hotel procurement: according to the procurement needs of domestic and foreign buyers, the exhibition has planned various theme exhibition areas, focusing on high-end energy-saving products, smart hotel systems, and cutting-edge design samples. At the same time, invite industry authorities to evaluate excellent technologies and products and lead the purchasing direction.

3. Elaborate trade connection to create a top-level event in the industry: through years of accumulation and publicity of professional information in the industry, the organizer will send personalized invitations to 150,000 high-quality visitors and more than 300 wine management groups, so that exhibitors can have one-on-one discussions with the hotel group and directly understand the needs of the hotel group.

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