Catering Food Cold Chain Logistics Technology and Equipment Exhibition(CCLE)

Location: Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) – No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, China
Date: October 20, 2020 09:00 – October 22, 2020 18:00
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Catering Food Cold Chain Logistics Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CCLE) is an important part of CIE CHINA
China Catering Industry Expo (CIE CHINA) is the first professional exhibition to put forward the concept of catering industry since New China is founded. It’s a procurement event only focusing on the whole food chain of the catering industry in China at the present. The exhibition is based on the development status of China’s catering industry and the necessity of industrial development of catering to break the consumption habits of the traditional food industry and establish the leading position of the catering industry. It was founded by Golden Commercial (GOLDENEXPO), a well-known exhibition organization. The exhibition takes “Focus on the future development of China’s catering industry” as its theme. And through the interaction and penetration of different exhibits to promote the whole food chain of the catering industry. The exhibits cover six major sectors of the catering industry, including new food materials and condiment, central kitchen and integration, food packaging technology and materials, refrigeration and cold chain logistics, new retail of catering, and restaurant chain alliance. The exhibition area is expected to exceed hundreds of thousands of square meters. It will attract hundreds of thousands of exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions, and hundreds of thousands of professional visitors from the catering field to attend the exhibition. CIE CHINA will rely on Shanghai’s unique geographical advantages and huge market demand and create an Asia Pacific top influential procurement event of the catering industry.
New Opportunity
Catering Food Cold Chain Logistics Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CCLE) is an important part of CIE CHINA. It is responsible for the catering industry food storage, preservation, transportation, distribution, and other links. At the same time, the current cold chain logistics sharing mode is also pursued by catering enterprises. After several years of accumulation and precipitation, it attracts hundreds of excellent suppliers from the cold chain logistics industry (including SinoTransPFS, Swire Cold Chain Logistics, QIAGEN GROUP CO., LTD, AoQun cold chain, Apresys, RunJiu supply chain, TBTL, and other well-known enterprises)from all over the world every year. Tens of thousands of professionals will come to participate in the exhibition, CCLE occupies a very important position in China’s catering and cold chain logistics professional exhibition. In order to provide a service for freezing and cold chain logistics enterprises at home and abroad to build an information platform to communicate with the field of catering, the organizer of Golden Commercial(GOLDENEXPO) will continue to make full use of the CIE CHINA to promote the development of China’s cold chain logistics industry. Therefore, “Catering Food Cold Chain Logistics Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2020” is still held on May 07-09, 2020, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, there will be tens of thousands of catering institutions, chain enterprises, commercial supermarket, e-commerce trading platform, logistics warehousing, urban distribution, fresh logistics, logistics park and other fields of industry participants attend the exhibition to enhance friendship through face-to-face communication in the exhibition, so as to promote win-win cooperation between the supply and demand sides.
Exhibit categories
  • Trunk transport: City distribution, Home delivery service, Supply chain service, Warehousing Services, Aviation, railway and port logistics, Cold chain real estate, and logistics park, Cross-border logistics services, Integrated logistics service, Platform logistics service.
  • Cold chain storage facilities and equipment:Cold storage integration service,Cold storage design consultation,Pre-cooling equipment,Mobile cold storage,Cold storage refrigeration system equipment and accessories,Cold storage special lighting equipment,Cold storage shelf,Sorting technology,Tray,Cold storage handling technology and equipment,Cold storage insulation material,Cold storage door,Cold storage humidification and dehumidification technology,Collision avoidance device,Cold storage overalls.
  • Cold chain transportation technology and equipment: Commercial vehicle, Refrigerated car modification factory, Transport refrigeration unit, Car tail plate.
  • Cold chain information technology, product traceability technology: Internet of Things technology, Temperature, and humidity loggers, Temperature label, GPS, Warehousing information management system, Traceability and solutions, Security technology, Electronic tags, data collection, Radio frequency technology, Mobile terminal, Automatic identification technology, Food testing technology.
  • Commercial freezer: Commercial refrigerated and frozen display case, Fresh self-made cabinet, Portable freezer, Drink refrigerated display case.
  • Preservation technology, packaging materials: Portable incubator, Polyurethane insulation material, Thermal insulation material, Refrigerant or cold storage material, Preservation technology and materials, Phase change cold storage technology and materials, Packaging technology and materials.
Target Audience
• Meat, Aquatic products, Fruit and Vegetables, Flowers and other agricultural products processing, Food, Medicine, Wholesale, Marketing, Retailing, Cosmetics, Health care products, Tobacco processing; • Refrigeration and freezing, cold storage, preservation equipment, and technology suppliers; Warehouse/cold storage owners, senior management personnel; • Low-temperature logistics shipping company, roads, railways, air transport, container, storage agent, supply chain solution provider; • Agricultural products, food, medicine-related association, centers for disease control and prevention, large and medium-sized hospital logistics purchasing department; • Corporate catering, hotel, hotel industry, and large retailers and wholesalers; • Large and medium-sized institutions, enterprises and institutions, military and logistics management department;  • Agriculture, food, commercial circulation, food, and drug regulatory related government agencies.


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