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Chengdu International Advertising Festival

Location: Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center (CCNICEC) – 198 Shijicheng Rd, Wuhou Qu, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China
Date: April 10, 2020 09:00 – April 12, 2020 18:00
Chengdu International Advertising Festival

Chengdu International Advertising Festival

ASE CHENGDU, as a purchasing festival of the advertising industry in central and western China, is held in CHENGDU every spring, which is composed of advertising equipment and materials business exchange, Gaofeng BBS, award ceremony, works tour exhibition and other parts. Based on the Chinese market, the exhibition keeps up with the international trend and always pays attention to the creative technology of the advertising industry, which affects the development of the industry. After 15 years of precipitation and development, ASE CHENGDU2018 continues to take “cultural, creative and technological innovation” as the theme, expand the scale of the exhibition and exhibition scope, to further meet the needs of buyers in different fields.


Three highlights of the exhibition

1. Quality assurance –Chengdu will focus on creating one of the three major professional exhibitions, the benchmarking all-advertising industry professional exhibition in western China, and the industry grand gathering of leading professionals and purchasing in central and western China.


2. Brand gathering –Well-known brand manufacturers are joining in, including:HP, MIMAKI, Roland, Canon, MUTOH, Epson, Jin Hengfeng, cyber, emperor, emperor, love figure, cheetahs, limit, perceptive, the color of god, the west, elegant color, Mr Wei, Nakano, flying boat, a print, workers are, local, ascended, black Michael, well informed, hawk, w, d, and everything is up to, Kexing, Oakley, three workers, widely, popular science, frequently Texaco, peace signs, show factory, dragonflies flying, Macao, Hong Kong, Seine, forced, McCann Cardan, Louis Gaden, free beauty and easy words, show, Jia Xin Hui, pluripotent and so on more than 700 new and old enterprise and brand show at the exhibition, the total exhibition area is more than 90,000 square meters, and the advertising theme exhibition area will reach 70,000 square meters.


3. Giant combination –Dena exhibition and the world famous advertising exhibition sponsor Shanghai modern international exhibition co., LTD. Strong cooperation, integration of resources in the east and west, domestic and foreign advantages, promote the great development of China’s western advertising market, provide a professional trading platform for global equipment and buyers, together create China’s second largest advertising industry procurement event!


The strong publicity campaign, precise buyer invitation

Publicity infiltration in vertical industry professionals, using outdoor, the mass media, professional media, professional market, such as the Internet, from the media to spread guidance face dealers, agents and buyers, in combination with the organizing committee of the large audience data organization and actual effect of the audience, multi-angle, all-around for the overwhelming majority of people in the industry to build the most influential purchasing advertising communication event.


Famous B2B websites at home and abroad (invite international buyers and import traders)

Baidu, Google and other search engines to new media promotion (Weibo, WeChat, BBS, QQ group) global synchronization publicity point-to-point synchronization precision buyers invitation outdoor advertising (elevators, expressway, subway advertising) professional network media (nearly hundred industry network media banner ads, soft wen, project and so on comprehensive promotion) the print media (hard in the domestic well-known newspapers/magazines published widely and news reports) integrated media (TV, radio, newspapers and other comprehensive report) association/chamber of commerce at home and abroad cooperation to promote global trade networkThe organizing committee has made continuous progress through multiple channels

Product Category:

1. Digital inkjet printing technology equipment and materials: industrial flat plate digital inkjet printing equipment and materials, flat plate printing press media and accessories, digital solvent type inkjet printing equipment, photo equipment all kinds of digital inkjet printing consumables and components

2. Printers and consumables: printer series: needle printers, laser printers, etc.; Printing supplies: cartridge, toner, ribbon, toner, ink, etc

3. Digital signage: advertising machine, LCD display screen, LED display system, 3D naked eye display, multi-screen display, virtual imaging, etc.; Multimedia information release system, interactive touch control system, touch control integrated machine, touch control panel, etc

4. Acrylic: acrylic sheets, finished products, raw materials, etc

5. Sign, sign equipment and sign: laser engraving machine, CNC engraving machine, welding machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine, mini cutting machine, advertising engraving machine, bending machine, slotting machine, cutting plotter, polishing machine, cutter, etc.signage

6. The exhibition, POP and commercial facilities: exhibition equipment, commercial space design, and decoration materials, shelves and commodity display cabinets; Business automation technology equipment, sales promotion, and promotional equipment

7. LED: LED display equipment, commercial space design and decoration materials, sales promotion and promotion equipment, all kinds of light boxes, light guide board, luminous words, multimedia advertising machine, two-side and three-side color flip screen, etc

8. Advertising gifts and crafts

9. Mass media technology and equipment

10. Creative companies, design companies, scientific research institutions, and advertising parks, etc

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