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China ▪ Beijing International Automobile Manufacturing Equipment Show

Location: Beijing – New China International Exhibition Center – No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi, Beijing, China,
Date: May 18, 2020 09:00 – May 22, 2020 18:00
China ▪ Beijing international automotive equipment exhibition(CIAMS)

The automobile industry is a huge social and economic system engineering. Different from ordinary products, automobile products are highly integrated final products, which need to organize specialized and collaborative large-scale production, and need to be matched with relevant industrial products. After 66 years of development, China’s automobile manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world in production and sales for ten consecutive years, and its sales volume is twice that of the United States. In addition, the technological Internet is changing the traditional automobile industry with unimaginable speed and intensity. The automobile Internet and intelligence are the general trends, and the realization of unmanned driving can be said to be the ultimate goal of the automobile industry. According to IHS Automotive, us Automotive information consultancy, driverless cars will be mass-produced globally by 2025, and China will become the largest driverless car market by 2035. Looking at the overall trend of the automobile industry, the automobile manufacturing industry has shown an important development direction of electrification, intellectualization, networking, and sharing. The rapid development of the automobile industry and the arrival of the era of new science and technology reform have brought great opportunities to the equipment industry. China’s independent automobile equipment industry urgently needs to learn from the international advanced technology.CIAMS China · Beijing international automobile manufacturing equipment exhibition came into being, and through the linkage mode of meeting + exhibition area, it has become the booster of intelligent manufacturing of Chinese enterprises in the automobile industry.


Product Categories:


  • The exhibition area of body manufacturing technology and equipment (punching, welding, coating, general)
  • New material body manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition area
  • Parts manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition area
  • Intelligent assembly technology and equipment exhibition area
  • Quality control and testing technology and equipment exhibition area
  • Automotive lightweight technology and equipment exhibition area
  • Automobile design and engineering development exhibition area
  • New energy automobile manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition area
  • Laser processing technology and equipment exhibition area
  • Robot system integration automotive industry solutions zone
  • Automobile intelligent technology innovation exhibition area: AI artificial intelligence technology; Autonomous driving technology; Interactive application technology of AR/VR equipment; Internet of things technology;

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