China Agricultural Science and Technology Expo

Location: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center – 289 Chuncheng Rd, Guandu Qu, Kunming Shi, Yunnan Sheng, China
Date: August 25, 2020 09:00 – August 26, 2020 18:00
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About China(Kunming) Agricultural Science and Technology Expo ( AST)
China(Kunming) Agricultural Science and Technology Expo ( AST) is committed to promoting the world’s advanced agricultural technology, products, innovative agricultural development direction, and sharing efficient, accurate, green, environmentally friendly, and agricultural production methods to industry professionals. For domestic and foreign agricultural practitioners to build the exhibition, brand promotion, trade negotiations, technical exchanges, experience sharing as one of the whole industry chain exchange platforms.
  AST runs from breeding to dining table throughout the agricultural industry chain, focusing on industry hotspots and difficulties, providing a one-stop procurement platform for domestic and foreign companies and buyers. We welcome domestic and foreign excellent enterprises and agricultural authorities, agricultural trade associations, distributors, research institutes, planting enterprises, media and other groups to participate. Make full use of the policies and advantages of the Yunnan Free Trade Experimental Zone to jointly create an international agricultural science and technology event.  
Product Categories:
  • Agricultural Means: Fertilizer, pesticide, analysis instrument, package equipment, and other related products;
  • Seed/Seedlings: Seed of corn, rice, vegetable, fruit, flower, pasture, etc. and fruit seedlings;
  • Agricultural Machinery: Machine, tools, and accessories for planting, harvesting, processing, plant protection, horticulture, power, and transport.
  • General hardware and electromechanical equipment and tools: Manual tools, electrical tools, pneumatic tools, pumps,air-presser, electrical machines, and generators, etc. 

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