China (Beijing) International Environmental Protection Sanitation Facilities And Municipal Cleaning Equipment Exhibition (CEPE)

Location: Beijing – National Agricultural Exhibition Center – National Agricultural Exhibition Center
Date: April 08, 2020 09:00 – April 10, 2020 18:00


China (Beijing) International Environmental Protection Sanitation Facilities And Municipal Cleaning Equipment Exhibition (CEPE)


With the rapid development of China’s economy

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the country pays more and more attention to the city appearance and environmental health work, and the market space of sanitation service exceeds 100 billion yuan every year. Authorities estimate that the market size of urban road cleaning, garbage collection, and public toilet management reached 107 billion yuan, 21 billion yuan, and 17.6 billion yuan respectively this year, totaling 145.6 billion yuan. Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), comrade Xi Jinping has proposed a series of new ideas, ideas, and strategies for promoting ecological progress. Therefore, by 2025, the sanitation market space is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 10%, and there is a good opportunity for the sanitation market to break out.


In order to better serve China’s environmental health industry

In order to better serve China’s environmental health industry, promote the development and application of new sanitation products and technologies at home and abroad, and help win the blue sky protection battle, “China international sanitation and municipal facilities and cleaning equipment exhibition” sponsored by Beijing city appearance and environmental hygiene association will be held in the Beijing national agriculture exhibition hall. Exhibition aims to take advantage of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, radiation national sanitation industry market, to lay out by the sanitation equipment and a variety of forms such as information release, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the industry, and improve enterprise brand awareness, build national sanitation industry the forefront of high-end technology and equipment to show customers and efficient communication platform, enhance the level of industrial development and achieve win-win, welcome to the personage inside course of study


CEPE for your satisfaction

1. Leading exhibition booth area: CEPE China has successfully held several sessions in Beijing, giving full play to the regional advantages of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development and radiating the national sanitation industry market. It is the flagship exhibition for sanitation at home and abroad!CEPEChina will cover 36,000 square meters this year.

2. Exhibitors: leading the exhibition, the ministry of environmental protection, urban management bureau, bureau of parks and woods, central ring, multiple brothers association and Beijing municipal management committee and other relevant government departments to support, 20 years of holding that CEPE brand influence is deeply rooted in the industry, CEPE will have come from more than 10 countries and regions this year nearly 300 companies.

3. Leading audience quality: CEPE has established a large number of databases of domestic and foreign industrial purchasers in the past 20 years and has established good cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign sanitation associations and purchasing departments. The organizers invited to distributed invitation letter, the telephone, visit a variety of forms such as inviting VIP professional purchasers, VIP professional buyers will have come from more than 10 countries, more than 30 domestic provinces (municipalities), more than 300 city (county) HuanWeiJu, sanitation center, sanitation, cleaning cleaning services company, property management companies led more than 2000 people (provide free accommodation 2 days), is expected, sanitation exhibition this year will also attract more than 20000 viewers to visit procurement.

4. Leading exhibition effect: CEPE is a large platform for gathering, exhibition, and communication in the sanitation industry, and the best choice for one-stop shopping and visiting. High-quality professional buyers and exhibitors at home and abroad through three days of face-to-face exchanges, negotiations, on-site purchase orders, for exhibitors and users to build a procurement, communication bridge, lay a solid foundation for future sales, for exhibitors in the industry to establish a brand image.


Display content:

1. Exhibition area for sanitation vehicles and comprehensive equipment

Urban roads, highways and other road sweeping, sweeping robot, washing (suction and sweep) equipment and vehicles;Sprinkler, snow removal vehicles, beach cleaning the car, pollution, garbage compression transfer car, smart car waste residue, dustfall, new energy sanitation haze sports car, special machinery, municipal drainage, municipal sanitation dredging and other related specialty vehicles, eat hutch waste, living garbage incineration, sanitation pier loading and unloading equipment, garbage pushing shovel, compaction equipment, sanitation equipment accessories and supplies, etc.;

2. Smart garbage collection and smart sanitation exhibition area:

Data center access and integration of intelligent garbage collection boxes, stations, garbage collection and sorting supervision and operation platform, public toilet supervision, garbage collection and transfer supervision, public opinion system of sanitation and other business systems;BI visual analysis of environment big data;VR real-time 3d environment data display;Large screen for monitoring sanitation data;

3. The exhibition area of municipal facilities

Intelligent bins, bins, waste bins; Domestic garbage collection, collection, and transportation equipment and garbage compression stations in residential areas and public areas; Intelligent muck vehicles, municipal garden tables, and chairs, flower boxes, municipal gardening pruning equipment, leaf crushing collection vehicles, fountain landscape equipment.

4. Clean the equipment exhibition area

High pressure pump, high pressure cleaning unit, municipal sewage pipe dredging, cleaning equipment;High-rise building external wall cleaning equipment and vehicles, urban landscape sculpture cleaning equipment, cleaning device for road fence, washing to remove small advertising equipment, municipal furniture cleaning (machine) car, roads, in addition to the line (machine), hot and cold water washing machine, multi-function high-pressure cleaning (machine), through type cleaning machine, small car driving type of the machine (car), cleaning cleaning cars, washing machines, grinding polishing machine, vacuum sweeper, sewage irrigation, etc.;

5. Toilet exhibition area

Vehicle-mounted toilet, mobile environmental toilet, ecological toilet, intelligent toilet, foam, glass and steel flushing toilet, urinal, toilet waste collection and treatment, deodorization and water saving equipment technology, intelligent paper saving equipment;

6. The exhibition area of kitchen waste

Kitchen waste treatment equipment, harmless and resource equipment; Technical equipment for recycling waste grease; Organic waste composting technology equipment; Kitchen waste recycling, oil and water separation equipment; Special (machine) vehicles for kitchen garbage collection and transportation;


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