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China Beijing International Smart City Fair

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: June 30, 2020 09:00 – July 02, 2020 18:00
  China Beijing International Smart City Fair 1  
China Beijing International Smart City Fair
China Beijing International Smart City Fair event will cover areas like Construction of smart city, to accelerate industrialization, informatization, urbanization, modernization of agriculture integration, to enhance the capacity for sustainable urban development is of great significance.
The smart city market in China will reach 390 billion yuan this year.
With the acceleration of urbanization in China
With the acceleration of urbanization in China, smart city, as the internal realistic demand of urban development, has become the new wave of urban informatization.Driven by relevant national policies and smart city pilot work, the scale of IT investment in China’s smart city market will reach 390 billion yuan, with an annual investment growth rate of 20.4%, 95 percent of China’s sub-provincial cities and 83 percent of prefecture-level cities, totaling more than 500 cities, have explicitly proposed or are building smart cities in the government work report or the 13th five-year plan.
The development of smart cities in China faces a favorable policy environment
The development of smart cities in China faces a favorable policy environment, and smart cities have been recognized by the senior leadership of the country. The national development and reform commission, the ministry of industry and information technology and other eight departments have issued guidance to promote the healthy development of smart cities, proposing to build a number of smart cities with distinctive characteristics by 2020. China’s big data has made remarkable progress in policy, technology, industry, application and other aspects.Data shows that the size of China’s big data industry was 470 billion yuan, up 30 percent year-on-year.Big data is the key supporting technology for smart cities in all fields, and the construction of smart cities cannot do without big data.The application and operation of big data in various vertical fields is expected to become an important driving force for the development of smart cities in the future.

overview of the exhibition:

1. Beijing international (hereinafter referred to as the CEE), wisdom city expo exhibition international exhibition co., LTD., a subsidiary of well-known brand exhibition, was founded in 2002, is the wisdom of the world’s largest city and one of solution to display platform, is also one of a few big wisdom city exhibition in Asia, mid to late June every year held in Beijing,

2. As an indicator of Chinese wisdom city exhibition, the session of Beijing international wisdom city of expo (CEE) exhibition area of 35000 ㎡ in size or number of buyers of record of all,Attracted international famous exhibition companies with samsung, hikvision, China’s space (space) of science and technology city, and peace, wisdom, SPS wisdom parking, nebula connected script, process technology, embellish days lang, the sea, kang, photoelectric light peak, lenovo China, rococo, feng culture, philips, meizu, orange clouds, new excitation technology, hao li intelligence, its high electron, Hao rainbow photoelectric, west han intelligence, baba, wing on line, the triad, teng SangRui, domain, the Cambrian, home state, hardware store, mark intelligence, intelligence doors and other well-known enterprises, once again for the exhibitors and professional audience presented a feast with the participation of highly integrated industry professional communication.

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