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China Chengdu International Community Public Safety and Security Products and Technology Exhibition

Location: Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center (CCNICEC) – 198 Shijicheng Rd, Wuhou Qu, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China
Date: May 14, 2020 09:00 – May 16, 2020 18:00
China Chengdu International Community Public Safety and Security Products and Technology Exhibition 1

Chengdu international security and Technology Exhibition (CCPSE) is the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau, Sichuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Sichuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Chengdu Municipal Economic and Information technology commission, Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau, Chengdu City, Sichuan province large number of units of public concern in the western region of the largest, the highest level, the impact of the strongest professional security exhibition.  Leap in the development of the “land of abundance”, Sichuan, is located in the hinterland of Southwest China, economy accounted for 12 western provinces nearly four points. In Chengdu, the provincial capital is the hub of the western region of science and technology, commerce, finance, education center and transportation, communication, enjoys a reputation as the “airport” of the 4th city and GDP trillion level important city “, plays a pillar role in the whole western economy. U. S. “fortune” magazine’s editor in chief server said, “a huge new legend is unfolding in China the new legend is the large-scale development of the western region. Over the past 10 years the western economy thoroughly to remold oneself changes, Chengdu is one of the leaders”. “Forbes” will be Chengdu Sichuan as the world’s most rapidly developing cities in the next 10 years. British “economist” think tank and Citigroup jointly released the latest survey report of the world’s most competitive cities, Chengdu ranked first in central and Western China. “Twelfth Five Year Plan” is to build a well-off society in Sichuan Province, adhere to the new road to industrialization, adhere to the sustainable development strategy, seize the “along the way”, the development strategy of the western region, the international and eastern coastal areas of manufacturing industry adjustment and transfer of historical opportunity”. Among them, in 2015 the province’s total investment of 84 billion yuan in major industrial and information technology projects in the year to reach about 600,000,000,000 yuan. At present, the electronic information, new materials, automotive, energy saving and environmental protection projects have been completed more than 400,000,000,000 yuan investment, the optimization of the policy environment and industrial structure upgrade will make the southwest market business opportunities. Exhibition has always been the industry development of the wind vane, fifteenth China (Chengdu) International Security Exhibition in April 2015 successfully concluded; in the organizers and exhibitors, many professional media, newspapers, television stations, websites and other sincere cooperation, access to exhibitors and the audience “mainland professional security software, hardware no one can than”. 30 media for exhibitors products more than 10000 kinds of samples, more than 500 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to carry out a large number of live coverage, the audience reached more than 4 people, according to incomplete statistics,security engineering, fire engineering, agent dealers, system integrators, procurement and installation of the professional audience of 89.7%, an exhibition. area of 30000 square meters, an increase of 62.9% compared to 45, special show business growth 15%; scale, visitors, the source of the audience are innovative high so that exhibitors Chengdu in central and western regions of the core radiation. Improve the ability to prevent and control the social three-dimensional, strengthen the construction of three-dimensional control system, so that security work into the school, community, township, and even rural areas, to spread to our daily lives. The brand created the brilliant development of enterprises, to meet the needs of the times, walking in the forefront of science and technology. The 16th China (Chengdu) International Security Exhibition adhering to the “sincere service concept and the constant pursuit of innovation spirit”, to “brand era display, promoting the development of economy, the three-dimensional security ensure safe and civilized Sichuan, big data to ensure that people live and work in peace and contentment” as the objective and purpose, characterized by tailored to the needs of research and development, production, reflecting the specialization and internationalization, for the security industry to create a brand era show on the international stage, leading the development, ushering in the future.   Exhibition Item

◆The public security products to prevent products (video security guard monitoring system, transmission equipment, display equipment, storage equipment, control system, monitoring platform, community security system, personal protective equipment, lightning protection products)
◆The card (access control, parking lot, entrance control system, patrol, consumption of smart card)
◆Smart city (intelligent building, smart home, intelligent buildings, the intelligent security community, intelligent transportation, traffic safety products, and scheduling system)
◆The big data industry, networking technology, information system, and Application
◆The computer information system security protection products
◆The emergency (emergency communication and command system, public broadcasting system, networking alarm system, life-saving equipment, escape equipment, rescue equipment)
◆The biometric and anti-counterfeiting technology (fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, infrared recognition, vein recognition, anti-counterfeiting technology)
◆The police equipment (law enforcement equipment, protective gear, counter-terrorism equipment, security inspection, technical reconnaissance equipment, traffic police, a police lamp, police communication equipment, police vehicles, and special vehicles)
◆The fire products (fire extinguishers, fire alarm, fire fighting equipment, fire fighting equipment, fire prevention materials)
◆All other public security products and related accessories, accessories

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