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China Chongqing International Green Building & Energy-savings & Building Decoration Exhibition

Location: Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center – Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center
Date: April 10, 2020 09:00 – April 12, 2020 18:00
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Exhibition introduction:

BMCHINA China (Chongqing) international green building decoration materials expo (abbreviated as Chongqing construction expo) is a grand gathering of top building materials in western China. After 15 years of rapid development, Chongqing construction expo is now one of the largest, fastest-growing and most professional international exhibitions of building materials industry in western China. Each exhibition area is relatively independent, sharing resources, forming its own system, and deeply integrating. The most complete category of architectural decoration exhibition is not only “professional” and “dedicated”, but also “comprehensive” and “complete”.Chongqing construction expo by Chongqing federation of industry and commerce (general chamber of commerce) building materials chamber of commerce, Chongqing Jian yu exhibition co., LTD., jointly sponsored by the Chongqing government departments and industry departments in charge of support and guidance. In order to further promote the professionalization, branding, and internationalization of “Chongqing construction expo”, the visitors of Chongqing construction expo will take free bus transfers, providing a more convenient and comprehensive platform for the market of architectural decoration industry in western China.     


Last review:

With the theme of “green, low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmental protection”, BMCHINA Chongqing construction expo has been continuously nurtured and developed for 15 years. The rapid growth of the number of exhibitors, visitors and exhibition area fully reflects the unparalleled importance of BMCHINA Chongqing construction expo in the industry and has become the highest representative of the industry. The exhibition has attracted from all over the country more than 600 families in the industry outstanding enterprises exhibition, exhibition area of 25000 ㎡, brings together the world-building materials most widely in the field of technology, products, equipment and services, received from Chinese provinces urban areas as well as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil and other countries and regions including developers, builders, contractors, decoration design, agents, distributors and other professionals nearly 35000 person-time, was the industry known as the western region of China, the strongest professional exhibition effect is one of the best industry events!


Upgrade Chongqing construction expo: the big exhibition hall, big pattern, new normal, new thinking, a new leap

It is expected that 1000+ exhibitors and 50000+ visitors will hold 15+ industry exchange meetings and 1000 people appreciation dinner in the same period of the exhibition, which will further promote the exhibition area planning of “branding”, “integration”, “customization” and “intelligence” themes and build an all-round industry stage. At the same time, through scientific and reasonable exhibition area layout, diversified publicity and promotion, high-grade supporting activities, high-quality exhibition services, to provide a complete platform for the building decoration industry business docking.BMCHINA China (Chongqing) international green building decoration materials expo will be held in Chongqing international expo center (Yuelai).


Product Category:

1. The customized home furnishing exhibition area

Integral household: integral wardrobe, integral mural ark, The whole set of home outfit real wood products, cloakroom, move door, wooden door, mural ark door, partition, and stair wood industry.

Cabinet: overall kitchen, cabinets, kitchen appliances, countertops, boards, hardware, and accessories;

Integrated ceiling: aluminum alloy ceiling, plastic steel ceiling, gypsum ceiling, wood ceiling, mineral wool ceiling, and ceiling accessories;

Floor materials: floor, carpet, tile and other floor decoration materials;

2. The indoor soft decoration exhibition area

Wallpaper cloth art: wallpaper, diatom mud, wallpaper accessories, decorative cloth art, curtain cloth art, household cloth art, carpet and decorative cloth home textiles.

Glass: architectural decoration glass, artistic glass, Windows, curtain wall glass, glass processing equipment

New building materials: culture stone, wall roofing material, ecological wall material, decorative plate, sound-absorbing material, integral TV module wall.

Architectural coatings: architectural coatings, artistic coatings, paints, chemical adhesives, resins, fillers, coating equipment;

Home lighting: electrician, electrical, lighting, lighting, switch, socket;

3. Doors and Windows exhibition area

Door products: including solid wood doors, doors, indoor doors, anti-theft doors, fire doors, non-standard doors, villa bronze doors, iron doors, guardrails, etc.

Doors and Windows hardware: automatic doors, garage doors, telescopic doors, wooden doors, security doors, rolling gates, aluminum alloy plastic doors and Windows access control system;

Categories of auxiliary materials: wood bark, wood plastic, sealing materials, door coatings, paint chemical products, new materials, etc.

Sunshade system: soft louver curtain, sunshade canopy, blinds, internal sunshade system, external sunshade shutter, outdoor sunshade and drive control system, etc.

Architectural decoration hardware: architectural hardware, door lock, and accessories, door control hardware and accessories, bathroom accessories, curtain wall hardware, furniture hardware, etc.

4. Processing machinery parts exhibition area

Woodworking machining; Glass technology, machinery, equipment, tools/accessories, and material processing; Cutting; Grinding; Edge grinding; Drilling; The papers.Sand; Scrub; Frosting; Coating; Cleaning; Screen printing; Steel and hot bending; Mosaic; UV technology; Adhesive; Packaging, storage and transportation of glass products;

5. Building materials exhibition area

Integrated housing and villa supporting, wall insulation and waterproof materials, building paint and industrial floor, ground ecological road application materials, urban rainwater collection system, urban landscaping, and construction system and other new building materials.

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