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China Dalian International Tea Industry Expo

Location: Dalian – Dalian World Expo Center, Liaoning, China – 辽宁省大连市沙河口区白山路街道马栏河健身步道
Date: August 18, 2023 – August 21, 2023


Location advantages: A city with its own national plan, which is one of 15 sub-provincial towns in the country, has a financial center for the Liaoning coast economic belt. It’s also the center for shipping logistics, international shipping in Northeast Asia and the largest city port in the Northeast. The port is located at the southernmost point of the Liaoning Peninsula and is surrounded by sea on all three sides. It has many advantages. Liaoning is covered by the market, as are Tianjin and Hebei. Jiangsu, Henan and Jiangsu.

Dalian is the permanent home of the World Economic Forum Summer Davos. It is home to the largest agricultural futures exchange in China, and the second-largest soybean futures markets in the world. Total retail sales reached 372.25 billion Yuan, a 9.2% increase. The incomes of rural and urban residents were respectively 40,587 and 27,191 Yuan.

Tea Consumption Dalian may not be a tea producing area, but is an important tea consumption area. In terms of the tea market, there is a wide range of teas available. Dalian has slowly shifted its tea consumption to white and Pu’er teas, with black and green tea also being popular. Oolong and scented teas have decreased in recent years.

Previous Exhibitions On September 3rd, the “5th China International Tea Industry Expo (Dalian), Purple Clay, Ceramics, Tea Set Supplies Exhibition”, concluded successfully at Dalian World Expo Plaza. More than 1,000 booths of international standards are located in the 21,000-square-meter exhibition space. Exhibits include tea, food for tea, tea service and purple sand. Ceramics, tea utensils and tea sets are also on display. The organizing committee has not released complete statistics, but it is believed that more than 90 000 citizens visited the exhibition in the first four days. This allowed people to relax and enjoy tea drinking, integrate tea culture into their daily lives, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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