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China Equipment Informatization EMC and Microwave Technology Conference

Location: Beijing International Convention Center – 8 Beichen E Rd, Ya Yun Cun, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China
Date: June 16, 2020 09:00 – June 18, 2020 18:00
Three-day high-ranking forums, seminars and workshops, lectures and new product releases activities (totally over 70 sessions, 80-120 attendees/each session) will focus at the forefront and offer an insight into advanced & cutting-edge EMC&EMI, Chambers, Shielding, Filters, Microwave, Antenna and RF technology, whole solutions, service innovations, market development and business opportunities in automotive, broadcasting, electronics, medical systems, aerospace, smart household appliances, smart grid, telecommunications, smart transportation, EM Environments, Testing, Standards and etc.., together with CNAS and CISPR Forums. The leaders, well-known scholars, experts, and key important customers from government, academy and every industry will share with you great market opportunities and technology innovations to ensure you have the first-hand & satisfactory policy, information, technology, solution, service and especially the most valuable commercial and business resources. Product Categories
  • ·EMC & EMI Measurement & Instrumentation, Chambers & Cells, Antennas, Near Field techniques
  • ·Electromagnetic Environment analysis, Lightning, ESD, signal integrity, and lightning techniques
  • ·Shielding, Gaskets, Filters, Grounding
  • ·Apparatus, PCB, Electronic Packaging & Integration, Semiconductors, Cables and Connectors
  • ·EM Protection, Wireless Power & Comm. EMC
  • ·Power Systems, filters technology in Smart Grids
  • ·EMC in Automotive, Railway Systems, Naval Systems, Aircraft & Space Systems, biomedical and all industries related.
  • ·EMC applications in Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology
  • ·EMC Standards and Regulations
  • ·EMC Software, Education and promotion
  • ·EMC test and certification 
  • •Active Components: Converters, Modulators, Phase shifters, Frequency Synthesizers, Multipliers, Switches, Mixers, Oscillators, Vacuum Electron Devices/Tubes
  • •Amplifiers: Base Station Amplifier, Log Amplifier, Power Amplifier, Gain Blocks, Low Noise Amplifier, Small Signal Amplifier
  • •Antenna hardware, Antenna, Radomes
  • •Materials: Absorbers, Feedthrus, Package, Ceramics, Ferrites, PCB, Coating, Gaskets, Shielding, Crystals, Laminates, Substrates
  • •Optoelectronics & Fiber-optics: Fiber-optics components, systems, equipment, optoelectronics devices, lasers
  • •Passive Components: Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators, Millimeter-wave Components, Power dividers, SAW devices, Transformers, circulators, Delay Lines, Detectors, Diplexers, Duplexers, Limiters, Power Combiners, Relay, Sensors
  • •Resistors, Capacitors, Coils, Inductors
  • •Semiconductors/Integrated Circuits: ASICs, Diodes, FET`s, MEMS, MIMIC`s, RFIC`s, Thick Film Circuits, Thin film circuits, Transistors, Varactors,
  • •Softwares of Design, Measurement, Modeling, Simulation
  • •Radar, Receivers, Subsystems, systems, transceivers, transmitters
  • •Test Equipment & Instruments: Automated Test Equipment, Meters, Noise Sources, Prototype Machine, Synthesizers, Test Fixtures/systems, Tuners,  Oscilloscopes, Bonders, Generators, IR Test Equipment
  • •Transmission-line Components: Adapters, Connectors, Surge Protectors, Bias Tees, DC Blocks, Terminations, Cable, Loads, Waveguide, Cable Assemblies, Rotary Joints


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