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China Guangzhou International High-end Drinking Water Exhibition

Location: Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex – No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Date: September 09, 2016 09:30 – September 11, 2016 18:00

China Guangzhou International High-end Drinking Water Exhibition 1  
International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo
High-end my net (water expo) belongs to the rich man in Guangzhou which sails exhibition co., LTD., is the world’s leading exhibition organizers, held each year around the world more than 200 professional exhibition, trade and consumer range yacht, beauty, construction & real estate, design, life sciences, maritime, health & nutrition, natural products, agriculture, and popular culture, and many other fields. Through face-to-face communication and multi-dimensional means such as modern communication technology dominated by science and technology, it provides a communication platform for professionals and consumers from all walks of life to participate, experience and facilitate transactions. With our deep insight into the industry, innovation, and entrepreneurship, to provide the industry to establish cooperation, enter the market, expand business gathering place.   
With the improvement of people’s living standards
With the improvement of people’s living standards and the formation of high-end consumer groups, the drinking water market has won the brand era, leading the domestic and foreign high-end bottled water to a new era of consumption. The emphasis on safe drinking water makes the market of drinking water, functional water machines, and drinking water equipment more and bigger. In order to comply with the trend of market development and promote the professionalization, branding, and internationalization of the high-end drinking water industry.  
Source of VIP audience

◆ high-end beverage industry trade and retail: dealers, agents, importers, franchisees, distributors, trading companies and high-end beverage stores, high-end boutique supermarkets, imported food stores, vanguard and other large chain stores.

Mixer through channels: star-rated hotels, hotels, bars, restaurants, golf clubs, resorts, white-collar apartment, building materials market, decoration companies, spa, nursing homes, private clubs, standalone group of enterprises and institutions, government, military special supply, trade services, health drink chain and chain operation counters, health management institutions, etc.

◆ online channels: high-end drinks online store sales, what business, e-commerce platform, etc

◆ buyers in China, import and export trading companies, commercial counselors’ office of embassies in China, consulates of foreign embassies.

◆ we have more than 10 years of experience in international exhibitions, more than 300,000 professional audience database, 86,000 accurate and effective merchant procurement database in 55 countries and regions around the world, and regularly update exhibition information by phone, SMS, email and other means.

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