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China (Guangzhou) International New Retail & Unattended Vending Industry Expo

Location: Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex – No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Date: August 03, 2020 09:00 – August 05, 2020 18:00
China (Guangzhou) International New Retail & Unattended Vending Industry Expo 1
About SRV
In the last October, Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Chinese largest e-commerce magnet Alibaba Group coined the new concept of retail and remarked that new retail will take place of the e-commerce in the near future. While in this March, the President of Suning Holdings Group which is also recognized as one leading online retailer in China-proposed to ramp up the intelligent retail. In July, Liu Qiangdong, CEO of which is the second-biggest e-commerce company in China, publicized a sensational paper named ‘ The Fourth Retail Revolution’. In China, a new kind of retail that integrated with online and offline resources is on the way and definitely makes a hit!
The physical retail industry is confronted with the unprecedented challenges and economic downturn while the internet e-commerce enterprises are much aggressive on marketing. For traditional retailers, they are forced to transform the business model and upgrade the terminal service. Domestically, the percentage of retailers who are willing to begin the terminal revolution exceeds 65%. unmanned C-store will be represented as the crucial choice for the enterprises to go.
To ramp up the development of the domestic retail industry,  China (Guangzhou) Int’ l Smart Retail & Vending Machine Expo(SRV ) is to inaugurate at the China Import & Export Fair Complex. Spanning over 20,000 square meters, SRV  is projected to attract more than 200 exhibitions of the retail industry. It aims to create the most professional and profitable trade platform for retail business.  
Product Categories:

1. Retail terminal, characteristic unmanned store, sample store, and experience center:
brand unmanned C-store, Omni-Channel retail experience store, smart community service store like chain stores, unmanned C-stores, self-service laundry store, fruit and vegetable shops, intelligent cafeteria and cafe, etc.
2. Unmanned self-service equipment display:
all kinds of intelligent vending machines, intelligent cabinets, self-service diet machine/leisure & entertainment equipment, self-service printer and copier, intelligent display screen, Touch Screen All In One PC, 3D fitting equipment, intelligent wifi, etc.
3. Intelligent display facilities of stores:
Intelligent shopping cart /rack/product display equipment, product quick bagging equipment, the anti-theft device at entrance and exit, video cameras for anti-theft, etc.
4. Retail terminal and information technology application:
ü Intelligent cashier, POS system, payment system, Payment based on Biometric Identification Technology, the third-party payment platform, intelligent scanning, and printing system, printer, and other consumable materials, etc.
ü Intelligent signage system, intelligent interactive system, multi-media display system, digital display system, somatosensory interactive system, etc.
ü Intelligent identifying and collecting system, biologic identification, face recognition technology, Electronic Shelf Label System, RFID tag system, IoT,  biosignature perception and learning system, etc.
ü Sensor, statistic analysis system for passenger flow, personnel location follow-up system, data mining, and analysis system, cloud storage, Cloud Data Management platform system, etc.
ü Latest solution for retail and unmanned store, solution for wireless shop mall, physical store digital solution, AR / VR applications, etc.
5. Retail supply chain service display:
Service and distribution device for goods, logistics warehousing, and storage activities sharing service for logistics infrastructure and in-store stock, O2O platform for communities, etc.
6. Auxiliary service for retail terminal and unmanned stores:
Commercial space design, consumption scene creation, soft decoration, design, education, training, etc.

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