China Hefei International Environmental Protection Industry Expo

Location: Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center – Jinxiu Ave Baohe Qu Hefei Shi Anhui Sheng Hefei, China
Date: May 22, 2020 09:00 – May 24, 2020 18:00
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China Hefei International Environmental Protection Industry Expo
China Hefei International Environmental Protection Industry Expo was held in the Binhu international convention and exhibition center of Hefei. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 30,000 square meters, and 20,000 professional visitors will conduct exchanges and business negotiations in the exhibition site. The last exhibition welcomed nearly 300 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to carry new technology, new equipment exhibition. Showed the comprehensive wastewater treatment, soil restoration, and comprehensive utilization of solid waste, environmental monitoring and environmental management of the whole industry chain frontier technologies such as the best solution, give full play to the Anhui, linking the east to the west, even in the south of north location advantages and regional advantages, combined with our experience in exhibition and enterprise data accumulated for many years, for the enterprises and the vast majority of domestic and foreign environmental protection enterprises to provide a platform of exchanges and cooperation, promote the development of environmental protection industry.  
Exhibits range


1. Water and sewage treatment exhibition area

  • Water and sewage treatment: mechanical and physical treatment process, separation system, mixing harrow, sieve filter, filter;
  • Complete set of water treatment equipment and membrane: membrane and membrane components, drinking water/terminal water purification, industrial/process water, complete set of sewage treatment equipment, reclaimed water recycling, seawater desalination, and utilization;
  • Water supply/drainage and sewers (pump and pipe valves) : water supply equipment, pumps and lifting systems, pipes/pipes, valves/fittings, ventilation shaft/structure/technology, construction of new sewers, modernization of sewer system, sewer inspection, sewer cleaning, sewer leakage inspection, water pipeline cleaning;
  • Rainwater collection and utilization/flood control: rainwater collection and storage tanks and accessories, rainwater overflow tanks, rainwater storage tanks, rainwater sedimentation tanks, rainwater storage tank cleaning system, irrigation and drainage machinery, disaster prevention and relief equipment;

2. Air treatment technology and equipment exhibition area

  • Air/waste gas purification equipment, ammonia removal dust removal technology, desulfurization technology, harmful gas protection, industrial dust removal, and cleaning, motor vehicle exhaust treatment, ventilation equipment, cleaning equipment, photocatalyst, activated carbon, dust collection equipment/electric dust removal/bag dust removal, etc.
  • Desulfurization technology and equipment: dry, semi-dry desulfurization technology and equipment;Wet desulfurization technology and equipment;Seawater desulfurization technology and equipment;Technology and equipment of ammonium phosphate compound fertilizer (PAFP) and electron beam;Chemical desulfurization technology and equipment for coal-fired boilers;Metallurgical ore, catalytic cracking desulfurization technology and equipment;Desulfurization technology and equipment for chemical refinery gas, natural gas, petroleum, diesel, kerosene and other oils;
  • Denitration technology and equipment: selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process denitration technology and equipment, choose a catalyst reduction (SNCR) method that denitration technology and equipment, adsorption denitration technology and equipments, plasma activation method denitration technology and equipment, biochemical method denitration technology and equipment, air classification burning denitration technology and equipment, furnace reduction (IFNR) denitration technology and equipment;
  • Desulfurization and denitrification auxiliary technology and equipment: circulating fluidized bed equipment, separator, stirrer, heat exchanger, various nozzles, pumps, valves, tubes and tube accessories, actuators, anticorrosive coating, anticorrosive materials and equipment, lining and outer coating, desulfurized, denitrification agent;
  • Desulfurization and denitrification control system and related software;
  • Dust removal technology and equipment: mechanical dust removal technology and equipment, electrostatic dust removal technology and equipment (ESP), bag-type dust removal technology and equipment, wet dust removal technology and equipment, air filtration technology and equipment;
  • Waste gas purification equipment: industrial waste gas treatment, lampblack purification equipment, acid mist purifier, tail gas treatment device, ICP, deodorization equipment stench governance, exhaust adsorption device, organic waste gas treatment, welding smoke purification, dust exhaust odor treatment, acid and alkali waste gas treatment, waste gas treatment, paint mist purification, dehumidifier, fetor and harmful toxic gas purification equipment and so on;
  • Waste gas treatment solutions, waste gas treatment engineering equipment, etc.
  • Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) treatment technology and equipment;
  • Dust and smoke monitoring and testing equipment;
  • Treatment of motor vehicle exhaust;
  • Waste gas recovery and utilization equipment and technology;

3. Soil remediation technology and equipment exhibition area

  • Soil and groundwater remediation technology and equipment: soil and groundwater collection, contaminated site risk assessment, farmland pollution remediation, petrochemical organic pollution site remediation, smelting mines, and other heavy metal pollution site remediation, compound pollution site remediation, groundwater pollution remediation, etc.

4. The exhibition area of solid waste comprehensive utilization technology and equipment

  • Garbage collection containers: metal garbage bin, perforated garbage bin, steel and wood garbage bin, stainless steel garbage bin, environmental protection garbage bin, glass steel garbage bin, plastic garbage bin, indoor garbage bin, advertising garbage bin, mobile garbage bin, smart garbage bin and smart recycling machine, fruit box, etc.
  • Garbage disposal technology and facilities: garbage/recycling, incineration and heat treatment (energy recovery and disposal, construction, operation and optimization, maintenance) biological treatment, composting, landfill, general industrial waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, agricultural waste disposal and sewage, peculiar smell gas in the carcass disposal processing processing equipment and technology, sanitation and solid waste industry investment and financing mechanism, BOT, BT, TOT and ways for garbage disposal and construction operation management of investors;
  • Waste processing complete sets of technology and equipment: city life garbage disposal equipment, eat hutch waste disposal equipment, construction waste, medical waste treatment equipment, commercial/household policy and processor, construction waste recycling, waste rubber tyre/plastic processing technology and the regeneration equipment, automobile/electronics, retrieving and dismantling and recycling, waste oil, wastewater/liquid waste processing and regeneration technology, waste recycling, processing and use of glass;
  • Waste power generation and other resources comprehensive utilization equipment technology;

5. The exhibition area of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment

  • Continuous automatic monitoring system for environmental water quality;
  • Automatic on-line wastewater monitoring system;
  • Ambient air continuous automatic monitoring system;
  • The automatic on-line monitoring system of exhaust gas;
  • Radioactivity, noise, vibration, light and heat detectors and continuous automatic monitoring systems;
  • Laboratory analytical instruments and equipment;
  • Environmental pollution emergency response and portable monitoring equipment;
  • Special instruments and equipment for sampling and monitoring water pollutants;
  • Special instruments and equipment for sampling and monitoring of air pollutants;
  • Data processing and transmission and other special monitoring instruments and equipment;
  • Standard substances, chemical reagents, glassware and other experimental equipment used for monitoring and analysis;

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