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China International Building Technologies Building Materials & Construction Equipment Exposition (ConstrucTech)

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: February 24, 2020 09:00 – February 26, 2020 16:30


China International Building Technologies Building Materials & Construction Equipment Exposition (ConstrucTech) 1


To promote the construction of new technology

To promote the construction of new technology, new materials, new technology and application of new equipment and the economic and trade exchanges, promote the prefabricated construction industrial upgrading, sponsored by the China international exhibition center group no.1 spring national construction industry – China international construction engineering new technology, new material, new technology and new equipment exposition and China international prefabricated building fair (hereinafter referred to as:Building four new expo) will expand again, set nearly thousand the attending enterprises, with rich industry events, attract including distributors, agents, procurement, construction units, decoration companies, designers, architects, developers, property, international trade visitors and government authorities, including the ninety thousand visitors expected audiences, to build China’s building materials industry one-stop purchasing and communication platform, once again achieve substantial brand and trade promotion effect.


As the largest in north China and the influence of the complex building materials brand event

As the largest in north China and the influence of the complex building materials brand event, four new exposition and prefabricated buildings exhibition will show the prefabricated construction, the template scaffold, Windows and doors curtain wall, floor and ground material, building insulation, component parts, the whole decoration, dry mortar, building waterproof, energy-efficient building and green building, manufacturing and assembly of construction the whole industrial chain, and gathered the whole industry chain of professional audiences nearly hundreds of visitors and trade procurement group, promote construction building materials design, production, construction, distribution logistics, procurement and docking in the areas of cooperation and development.


To promote the economic and trade exchanges as the center

To promote the economic and trade exchanges as the center, expand the exhibition communication results-oriented, four new exposition and prefabricated buildings exhibition will also joint institutions and associations, BBS held nearly 20 games industry, technology exchange meeting, banquet, procurement pairing, technical seminars and other activities, and join hands in building decoration fair, wallpaper cloth art exhibition of soft outfit, achieve both old – new both two pavilion, jointly set up 28 square meters, covering all show the communication platform of construction industry, sharing rich professional audience, power under the new era of building materials and prefabricated building green development


Rich exhibition resources, comprehensive publicity, and promotion

The integration of related projects in the field of building materials and prefabricated buildings will be held on the same platform, which will not only achieve scale effect, but also attract more domestic and overseas distribution agents, designers, construction units, decoration companies, real estate developers, purchasers and other groups to visit, and build a one-stop green exhibition and trade channel for the industry.


Exhibition and more than 170 professional construction media publicity and cooperation

The exhibition will also deepen the publicity and cooperation with more than 170 professional construction media at home and abroad to improve the organization of domestic and overseas audience. In the first three months of the exhibition, we will continue to set up the call center for audience invitation, invite new and old customers to visit by phone, and deliver exhibition information and invitation to professional groups by means of complimentary tickets, exhibition newspaper communication, SMS, online promotion and WeChat promotion, so as to ensure the ideal exhibition effect.


The right time, the ideal place

Construction will begin in the spring, beginning of the year and a good time to introduce new products to the market. Spring exhibition not only coincides with the peak season of procurement but also is the most convenient time for industry supply and demand groups and channels to participate in the exhibition.


As a central city in the north,

As a central city in the north, Beijing is an ideal place for nationwide promotion, which will benefit the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Xiong) region, north China, northeast China and northwest China. China international exhibition center (the third ring road Jing ‘a Zhuang Lao go exhibition) is the most famous exhibition venue in Beijing, which is close to the third ring road with convenient transportation and first-class facilities.


exhibits category:
  • Fabricated buildings
  • PC concrete precast equipment
  • Doors, Windows and curtain walls
  • Construction technology and equipment
  • Formwork and scaffolding
  • Flooring, elastic flooring, and construction
  • Building insulation and passive building
  • Dry mixed mortar materials and equipment
  • Full decoration and interior decoration industrialization
  • Prefabricated building parts
  • Building energy saving and green building
  • Building waterproof and construction

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