China International Exhibition on Intelligent Energy and Energy Storage Innovation and Application

Location: Hangzhou International Expo Center – Ben Jing Er Lu, Xiaoshan Qu, Hangzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 310000
Date: October 10, 2020 09:00 – October 11, 2020 18:00
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AsiaSolar is the world’s leading high-end Photovoltaic Conference
AsiaSolar is the world’s leading high-end Photovoltaic Conference, the full name is AsiaSolar PV Innovative Technology Exhibition & Cooperation Forum, it is held in Shanghai last year, in the period,three-day exhibition,two-day forum, an Asian photovoltaic innovation figure & enterprise award ceremony. It will be held in Hangzhou this year. It will be a new place, a new starting point, and a new development.  
With the experience of 13 years on holding AsiaSolar PV forum&exhibition
With experience of 13 years on holding AsiaSolar PV forum&exhibition, 800 government and industrial principals, famous enterprise senior managers over the world have been successfully invited to the conference and given speeches and about 13,000 industrial experts from home and aboard have been attended to the conference, over 3,500 PV enterprises have been attracted to take part in the exhibition and nearly 290,000 audiences have visited it.  
This exhibition and forum to innovation&cooperation as the theme
This exhibition and forum to innovation&cooperation as the theme, will focus on building a healthy eco-industrial chain of photovoltaic power plants, develop intelligent manufacturing,advanced manufacturing ,promote actively the development of distributed PV and household PV, micro-grid,tracking system,the development of photovoltaic and energy storage technology, promote the “The Belt and Road” and photovoltaic enterprises to go out.  
A large number of advanced PV equipment manufacturing enterprises
A large number of advanced PV equipment manufacturing enterprises, Photovoltaic advanced products manufacturing enterprises ,EPC, testing and certification, operation and maintenance, energy storage and microgrid system , multi-energy complementary and energy Internet, investment companies, banks, insurance companies, etc.are attracted to attend  Asia PV Innovation Exhibition every year,to demonstrate innovative technologies, products and models, to invite relevant national departments, industry organization leading experts from domestic and foreign , entrepreneurs,attend the forum to explore the industry’s innovation development and cooperation. Asia PV Innovation Exhibition has been committed to continuously find and tap the innovative vitality of photovoltaic enterprises, and the implementation of docking social capital and integration of resources, promote its rapid growth and even lead the industry. Whether it is in the industry’s opening up, or the downturn, prosperity stage, Asia photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition is consistent, adhere to the service industry, service enterprises, always walk on the professional innovation road.  
Exhibition content:
1) PV innovative technology & product and related manufacturing equipment, such as crystalline silicon, thin films, glass, backplane, etc. 2) PV related innovative products such as inverter, support, tracker system, etc. 3) Innovative technology of PV system and PV power station design construction and management 4) The microgrid, innovative products combining photovoltaic and energy storage technology 5) Investment & financing institution of PV power station with innovative modes

6) Distributed PV & Household PV brand enterprises

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