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China International High-End Bottled Drinking Water Expo

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: April 15, 2020 09:00 – April 17, 2020 18:00
China International High-End Bottled Drinking Water Expo 1China International High-End Bottled Drinking Water Expo 2
SBW EXPO is an exhibition of choice for exporters and importers of bottled water
SBW EXPO is an exhibition of choice for exporters and importers of bottled water. More International and national bottled water brands than any food exhibition in China. Visitors are decision makers and buyers. Under the support of China National Health Association Healthy Drinking Water Committee、Guizhou Natural Drinking Water Association、Kedong County Natural Soda Water Association、Wudalianchi Natural Water Enterprises Federation and NAHIEM National Hydrogen Health Industry Association and other related units, Shibowei. High-end Drinking Water Expo was held in April in Beijing、n August in Shanghai and October in Chengdu and attracted More than 400 well-known exhibitors of high-end drinking water at home and abroad. Meanwhile, we held  Healthy Drinking Water Industry Annual Meeting、 Good Water China、International Drinking Water Development Forum About 70% Health Relying on Good Water、Water Knowledge Sharing and marketing strategy sharing, etc activities. At the same time, we invited domestic and foreign experts about water、medical professors and agents to gather together for understanding the market development trend, developing drinking water industry together, in the future of healthy drinking water.

The  Shibowei. High-end Water Expo will be held in Beijing. China International Exhibition Center. We will aim at “spreading world water culture” and regard “Promote the development of drinking water industry’’ as the direction; we will adhere to “Production and marketing docking’’ service idea and make healthy drinking water market gradually be specialization, branding, internationalization. Here,  we are looking forward to your active participation, and let’s go hand in hand to build Asia’s first brand event in the drinking water industry.
Product Categories:
  •  High-end Packing Drinking Water:
    Natural mineral water、Glacier water、Natural soda water、Natural Weak Alkalinity Water、sea water、Natural mountain spring water、Snowmelt water、Natural small molecule water、Mother infant water、Tea water、Deuterium depleted water、oxygenic water、Hydrogen water、Plant water, Medical Mineral Water, etc.
  • Hydrogen-rich Water
    Hydrogen-rich drinking water、Hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water porcelain、hydrogen-rich water machine、Hydrogen-rich water kettle、 Hydrogen-rich stick、 Hydrogen absorption machine、Hydrogen-rich water production equipment、 Packaging materials、 Testing mechanism、 Hydrogen concentration monitor and other hydrogen series products
  • Functional Drinking Water Equipment:
    Electrolyte water machine、High-energy activated water、 Soda water machines、calcium ion generator、Oxygen water machine、Alkaline Water Machine、Nano electrolysis water making machine、Nano energy water cup、 multifunctional cup、Health-care cup、 Magnetized kettle, etc 
  • High-end water relevant service:
    Packing machine、 Packing container、 Packing design、 scientific research institution、 Quality water source project investment unit and High-end mineral water customization etc supporting services.

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