China International hydrogen and fuel cells and hydrogen station equipment exhibition

Location: Beijing – New China International Exhibition Center – No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi, Beijing, China,
Date: June 04, 2020 09:30 – June 06, 2020 18:00
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Hydrogen energy is regarded as the “ultimate energy” of the 21st century
Hydrogen energy is regarded as the “ultimate energy” of the 21st century, and hydrogen energy conversion is regarded as the ultimate solution of new energy vehicles, which is also the field where capital and technology are eagerly sought. In recent years, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union and other countries and regions in the country under the guidance of the hydrogen fuel cell strategy, for hydrogen and fuel cell technology research and development, demonstration and market training provides the support of long-term, stable, efficient, international hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology have made great progress and industrialization of window has become increasingly close, “he said. China also attaches great importance to the development of fuel cell technology. In the “plan for the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry (2012-2020)”, “made in China 2025” and other strategic plans, it is clear to vigorously develop fuel cell vehicles.To better promote international cooperation in the field of fuel cell technology popularization and application, research and demonstration by hydrogen fuel cells branch of Chinese society for the study of energy, China industry association, China association of transportation fuel cell car club (raise) hosted the “2020 the fifth China international exhibition of the hydrogen and fuel cells and hydrogen station equipment and industry development BBS” will be held in Beijing China international exhibition center (new), and the international influence of extremely the 21st session of China international exhibition on natural gas vehicle LPG station equipment and BBS held in the same period. More than 100 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, covering 12,000 square meters. Welcome domestic and foreign manufacturers to actively participate in the exhibition!  
Reasons to attend the exhibition and BBS

1. Exhibition and BBS has successfully held four sessions, is regarded as one of three fuel cell industry exhibition, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing university of technology, Tongji University, Wuhan university of science and technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi ‘an Jiaotong university, university of north big scientific research colleges and universities support, such as hydrogen fuel cells branch of Chinese society for the study of energy, CHINA industry association, CHINA association of transportation fuel cell car club (chips), and the 21st NGVS CHINA held at the same time, promote industry development, and has profound influence.

2. Industry big coffee together: mainland China heavy industry 718, Chun Hua hydrogen, hydrogen production, the new source of power, the PDC, Ballard, hydrogen injection and can, in ding heng sheng, Suzhou MediaCom, CLP of nova scotia, Sinoma science and technology, Tianhai industrial, Linda, Langfang Enric, permanent machinery, Jiangsu development, “Ken, energy-saving, Houghton China city compressor industry at home and abroad, such as large coffee together, a total of the theory of industry development.

3. On the opening day of the exhibition and BBS, professional media in the industry, such as CCTV4 China news channel, People’s Daily Online, Xinhua online, China energy net and energy news, were interviewed and reported on-site and broadcast on CCTV4 China news channel.

4. A platform for the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy, fuel cell and hydrogen station equipment in China: the exhibition will not only cover the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy, fuel cell, and hydrogen station equipment at home and abroad but also seamlessly connect with equipment manufacturing, energy, and automobile enterprises.

5. Share massive audience resources with the world’s most influential NGVS China: China hydrogen energy and fuel cell exhibition and BBS will be held at the same time with NGVS China, at which more than 60 industry conferences will be held and 1000 industry professionals will attend.

6. The exhibition and BBS will hold large opening dinner (performance, lottery): provide a comfortable communication environment for exhibitors, experts, and visitors.

The exhibition scope

1. Hydrogen production equipment technology and hydrogen supply: hydrogen production equipment/technology, reforming equipment/technology, various processes hydrogen production equipment/technology (natural gas steam conversion, methanol cracking to produce hydrogen, coal to produce hydrogen, water electrolysis to produce hydrogen, chemical hydrogen, renewable energy to produce hydrogen, etc.);Surplus hydrogen supply enterprises;Methane/propane/butane/methanol, pure hydrogen, synthetic hydrogen, mixed hydrogen, gasoline/kerosene/solvent oil, hydrogen detection instrument.

2. Hydrogenation equipment: hydrogenation reactor, hydrogenation reactor, high-pressure digestion tank/bottle, high-pressure heat exchanger, high-pressure separator, hydrogenation furnace, hydrogenation desulfurization device.

Hydrogen storage and transportation and related equipment: hydrogen storage tank/tank, hydrogen sensor, distributor, hydrogen storage alloy, hydrogen storage-related materials, hydrogen transportation pipeline, pump, valve, special transport vehicle, etc.Gas turbine/steam turbine, frequency converter/converter, absorption refrigerator, pure water manufacturing equipment, grinder/distributor/mixer, cleaning equipment, furnace/drying furnace/firing furnace, computer-aided manufacturing, other related equipment.

4. The fuel cell system and results of application: proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), alkaline fuel cell (AFC), molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC), phosphate doped proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PBI company – PEMFC), direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC), metal-air fuel cell (MAFC) and fuel cell system and other products;Hydrogen internal combustion engine, etc.Application: communication base station (standby power supply/emergency power supply), mobile phone and special market, other applications, etc.

5. Fuel cell technology and key parts and supplies, fuel cells, electric reactor, the fuel cell engine, electrode/catalyst, membrane electrode group, other battery pile materials, gas diffusion membrane, isolation membrane, heat utilization/thermal technology, gas-electric symbiotic system, radiator, heater, hot water storage tank, heat exchanger, supply technology: valve/joint, chemical oxidation, compressor, carbon nanotubes, pump, blower, other related products technology;Evaluation/test/analysis: single battery test equipment, electronic load instrument, hydrogen sensor, gas analysis equipment, analysis software, electrical property evaluation device, material test instrument, battery side fire equipment;

6. Complete equipment for hydrogenation station: hydrogen vehicle transport bottle group, hydrogen metering device/compression system/storage system, gas selling system, gas feeder, control system, liquid hydrogen transport vehicle.

7. Hydrogen liquefaction plant: purification plant, compressor skids, expander and liquefaction plant, storage purifier, cold box heat exchanger.

8. Hydrogen fuel vehicles: hydrogen fuel cell buses, buses, commercial vehicles, family cars, light trucks, special vehicles, engineering vehicles.

9. On-board hydrogen supply system: hydrogen storage cylinder, hydrogen reducer, pressure reducing valve, pressure switch, circulation pump, analyzer, sensor, flow meter, instrument and meter, etc.

10. Comprehensive exhibition: hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen patents and achievements transfer, hydrogen demonstration areas, hydrogen parks, universities, and research institutions, etc

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