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China International Lubricating Oil & Grease, Maintenance Supplies, Technology & Equipment Exhibition

Location: Nanjing International Exhibition Center – 88 Longpan Rd, Xuanwu Qu, Nanjing Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 210089
Date: July 10, 2020 09:00 – July 12, 2020 18:00
This show is aimed to build up a purchasing & trading platform for the global lubrication oil industry and, promote further cooperation between enterprises. With the concern and support of experts and entrepreneurs from the lubrication oil industry, the exhibitors had increased 21% than that of 2018’s. The show had attracted thousands of professional visitors from U.S., Germany, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabian, Palestine, Libya, Zambia, India, China Mainland, China Taiwan, HKSAR, etc., the scale of exhibitors had increased 40% than that of last year’s. Meanwhile, 68% of visitors had expressed clear purchasing plan and agent intention before the exhibition, and most of them had signed purchasing contracts during the show.
    China International Lubricating oil & grease, Maintenance Supplies, Technology & Equipment  Exhibition(Abbreviation: China International Lubricating oil Exhibition) which is organized by Beijing Dingchengchuangying International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The only exhibitions of Lubricating oil which take place twice a year, unique in Asia, are the ones in Shenyang and Nanjing. In the future “China International Lubricating oil Exhibition” still hold the idea, the purpose, and aim of establishing an international platform of Lubricating oil purchase and trade and promoting company cooperations. Overall advantages will be fully used to bring development to the market. Our exhibition platform will make it possible to discern industry technology tendency, learn about markets, lower purchase costs, find agencies and investigate suppliers. And our platform will bridge the technology development for foreign and domestic companies and assist in industry developments.
        Sum up the past and explore the future! The exhibition has started to accept exhibitor applications. The advantages of a center city will attract famous brands in both home and abroad to attend. As the organizer, we sincerely invite companies of lubricating oil and grease, Maintenance Supplies, both home and abroad, to attend this Expo. We guarantee you the most convenient and best services of exhibiting.   
Product Categories:
◆Automotive Lubricants & Maintenance Supplies: automotive lubricant oil, deicing fluid, braking fluid, cooling liquid, anti-wear agent, pour point depressant, improver, antirust additive, etc.; ◆Industrial Lubrication Oils: used for metallurgy, machinery, energy, aviation, shipbuilding, railway, harbor machinery, metalworking and so on; ◆Lubricant Oils, Grease, and Furnace Oil Additives; ◆The technology used oil: metal processing oil, liquid, etc;  ◆Fully synthetic based oils,  based oil additives, producing equipment and test instruments for lubricant oil producing, packaging, filling, label printing and blending. Full excellent lubrication technology, evaluation method, and quality control technologies. ◆Lubricating system & equipment: accessory equipment used for lubricating system design, development, maintenance, and related environment treatment. ◆Related Instruments: analytical instrument, experimental testing Instrument and testing desk used for lubricant oil.


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