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China International Medical Equipment (Shandong) Expo

Location: Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center – The core area of the new town in the west of jinan
Date: June 17, 2020 09:30 – June 19, 2020 18:00
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China International Medical Equipment (Shandong) Expo
The prospect of more than 20 years and the precipitation of more than 20 years, China International Medical Equipment (Shandong) Expo and international series of hospital management BBS (a medical expo for short) have already had a quite important influence in this field. In the draught of the trillion-level market, we will lead to the development of the medical care and health industry in Shandong province. China International Medical Equipment (Shandong) Expo exhibition can make so much progress, and early viewers inviting work are inseparable, medical fair has long attached great importance to the work of specialized audience organization, through a series of effective activities (such as hospital management international series of BBS, etc.), the site also equipped with a professional audience registration system, implement the audience one card registration. Medical fair in Paris 3 armour above hospitals of Shandong province inside and outside the breakthrough 100, dimethyl above hospitals more than 1600, more than 1200 clinics, other towns and townships, private medical institutions, public health agencies, such as more than 1200, distribution, agents and manufacturers more than 2300, the professionals will reach more than twenty thousand people, for the enterprises to ensure the quality and quantity of the audience.  
Product Category:
In vitro diagnostic equipment, operating room emergency equipment, hospital equipment, medical electronic equipment, medical imaging of consumables, rehabilitation equipment in the smart medical experience area and home medical equipment, oral equipment ambulance, medical special vehicles  
The exhibition highlights

1. More than 30 high-end activities, including hospital management, equipment bidding, quality control, hospital informatization, orthopedic, gynecological, imaging, severe diseases, breathing, new products, and new technology release

2. Over 20 years of big data accumulation, classification, and accurate service

3. Accurate docking services between hospitals and enterprises

4. Accurate tracking service, personalized service and customized service for VIP customers

5. Professional, stable and excellent team with international standards

6. Powerful “we media” is accurate, fast and efficient to provide you with an accurate and powerful platform for accurate promotion and publicity

7. The medical elites and hospital decision-makers with 70,000, 40,000 and 60,000 person-times face to face with you

8. 50 elegant negotiation rooms are waiting for your reservation

9. Awarding ceremony of large-scale donation activities

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