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China International Ngvs And Gas Station Equipment Expo

Location: Beijing – New China International Exhibition Center – No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi, Beijing, China,
Date: August 10, 2020 09:00 – August 12, 2020 17:00
China International Ngvs And Gas Station Equipment Expo
NGVS China has been successfully held for many times

NGVS China has been successfully held for many times. It plays a decisive role in the global NGVS industry and is the weathervane of the global NGVS industry. High-quality audiences at home and abroad are the guarantee of the success of NGVS China.

China has listed the promotion of clean energy vehicles and ships as an important measure to control air pollution

China has listed the promotion of clean energy vehicles and ships as an important measure to control air pollution. Natural gas is universally recognized as a low-carbon and efficient clean energy and ideal alternative fuel for vehicles and ships to reduce pollution emissions. Since the 12th five-year plan, at least 77 industrial policies and regulations on energy, transportation, environmental protection and vehicles and ships issued by the National People’s Congress, the CPC central committee, the state council, and relevant ministries and commissions have explicitly required, encouraged and supported the use of natural gas and other clean energy by vehicles and ships.


NGVS China, which leads the global development of natural gas vehicles and vessels

NGVS China, which leads the global development of natural gas vehicles and vessels, has been successfully held for many years. The exhibition brings together natural gas vehicle and vessel technology developers, automobile manufacturers, refueling station investors and government policymakers, aiming to strengthen global cooperation across the whole industrial chain of natural gas vehicle and vessel and refueling station equipment, and jointly promote the cooperation and development of natural gas vehicle and vessel industry. The NGVS China exhibition will be held at the China international exhibition center (new exhibition hall). It is expected that more than 200 enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. Sincerely welcome you to visit, guidance!


Exhibition scope:

1. Natural gas vehicles: liquefied natural gas vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles, single and dual fuel natural gas vehicles, liquefied petroleum gas vehicles, coal-bed methane vehicles, natural gas trucks, natural gas tractors, urban logistics vehicles, ferry vehicles, natural gas passenger vehicles, small cars, commercial vehicles, natural gas sanitation vehicles;

2. Special natural gas vehicles: semi-trailers of natural gas storage cylinder group, natural gas mobile refueling vehicles, natural gas testing vehicles, natural gas transporters;

3. LNG engineering vehicles: natural gas concrete mixer, excavator, muck truck, forklift, crane, dump truck, mixing plant and lift plant;

4. LNG ships: LNG carriers, LNG power ships and LNG ships;

5. Coal-to-gas equipment: natural gas storage equipment, LNG storage tank, gas boiler, gas pressure regulating cabinet, pressure regulating box, gas control, and testing technology;

6. Natural gas vehicle/ship parts and special equipment: gas storage system: inflation device, a gas storage cylinder (gas cylinder production line, complete equipment for vacuum replacement and related equipment), high-pressure pipelines and high-pressure joints, a pneumatic display device, manual stop valve, etc.Natural gas automotive electronics and gas supply system; Natural gas filter, pressure regulator, mixer, low-pressure gas hose and circulating water hose, etc.

7. Natural gas engines: CNG/ LNG vehicle gas engines, dual-fuel engines, Marine engines, construction machinery engines, aircraft

Engines, natural gas engine sets, and other power equipment;

8. Fuel conversion system: vehicle converter, single natural gas converter, fuel conversion switch, natural gas cut-off valve, etc.;

Hydrogen power and hydrogenation station equipment: hydrogen production equipment, hydrogenation equipment, hydrogenation station equipment, hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen fuel car, onboard hydrogen supply system;

10. Filling station equipment: CNG/LNG/LPG filling station equipment, filling machine, compressor, dryer, recovery tank, gas storage device and its accessories;

11. LNG plant equipment: receiving station equipment, LNG low-temperature storage tank, LNG peak-shifting station equipment, LNG gasification station equipment,

LNG/CNG filling station (pry), LNG pump pry, LNG gas filler, IC card system, submersible pump, vacuum tube, vacuum valve, etc.

12. Related equipment: flow meter, leak detector, detector, and other instruments; Monitoring, safety protection equipment, etc.;

13. Purification equipment: natural gas, coal-bed methane, hydrogen, industrial gas, compressed air drying, molecular sieve dehydration device, etc.;

14. Control components: skid mounted box body, base, inlet, and outlet bellows, motor starter and other components, high-pressure gas valve and LPG, etc.

15. Demonstration of various clean energy vehicles, energy-saving technologies and equipment, and clean fuel vehicles.

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