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China International Road Traffic Safety Products Expo & Traffic Police Equipment Exhibition

Location: Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center – Jinxiu Ave Baohe Qu Hefei Shi Anhui Sheng Hefei, China
Date: August 14, 2019 09:00 – August 16, 2019 18:00
01214.jpg - 570.43 kB  China International Road of Security Products Expo
Approved by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, and hosted by China Road Traffic Safety Association (CRTSA), The China International Road Traffic Security Products Expo (CTSE ) will be held at Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center . in conjunction with the Traffic Police Equipment Exhibition.

Themed at “focusing on the new era, taking on a new look”, CTSE is committed to pushing forward the development of road traffic safety industry through innovative technologies and new planning concepts, striving to build up a comprehensive and three-dimensional road traffic safety system, sparing no efforts on both safe and smooth traffic, and improving overall road traffic management.    

With a combination of exhibition, interactions, forums and trade discussions, the expo will be an ideal platform for the display of the world’s latest technology, products and ideas about road safety and traffic police equipment, enhanced technological exchanges and cooperation, strengthened ties between providers and users, deeper market penetrations by the exhibitors and the improvement of road traffic management skills.

Approved by China’s only administrative department of traffic safety, supported by traffic management divisions, organized by the professional association and visited by true end-users of the industry, the expo undoubtedly features authoritativeness and professionalism. Following 10 editions since its debut in 2004, CTSE, by putting together product display, trade discussions, technology exchanges and popularization of science and technology, has become a top-level event with increasing space, professionalism and internationalization, playing an active role in advancing the development of road traffic industry, building up a safe and peaceful nation, speeding up intelligent city construction, intensifying international exchange and cooperation, as well as attaining safer, smoother and more orderly road traffic.  
Product Category:
1. Traffic Safety Technology & Products
  • Intelligent traffic management
  • Video surveillance technology, products, and solutions
  • Emergency command and operation
  • Software and Internet+
  • Cloud computing technology and solutions
  • Training and driving test systems for drivers
  • Parking management and fare collection
  • School buses
  • Traffic safety facilities
  • In-vehicle Internet systems and solutions
  • Intelligent bus station board
  • Intelligent city
  • Traffic information and communication
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent driving
  • Automated driving
  • Intelligent vehicle sensors
  • Intelligent networking
  • In-vehicle computing platforms
  • Analysis based on traffic big data
  • Internet-based intelligent traffic networking systems
  • Internet-supported traffic information release
  • Cross-sector traffic information service
  • Communication operators
  • System integrators
  • Solution providers
  • Control systems
  • Achievements in technological applications by traffic management departments, including successful cases,
  • objects and remote simulation
  • ETC toll fares
  • Highway video monitoring
  • Traffic accident detection
  • Traffic data collection
  • LED display
  • Lighting for road tunnels
  • Weighing
  • Weight-based tolling
  • Limit-exceeding detection
  • Internet-based charging management

2. Emergency Rescue Technology & Products
  • Road rescue: rescue vehicles for public buses, on expressways and in tunnels, truck-mounted lifts, vehicles for general, emergency, multi-functional and equipment maintenance, vehicles for bridge check-up
  • Rescue by air: fixed-wing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft, search and rescue aircraft, in-plane rescue equipment, rescue helicopters
  • Rescue equipment: sensors, communication and networking systems, unmanned detection systems, lighting equipment, thermal imaging devices, emergency management platforms, emergency management systems, satnav systems, disaster, warning, prevention, and detection equipment, test and quality inspection equipment

3. Traffic Police Equipment
  • Law enforcement: electronic police, stop signs, police barrier tapes, alcohol tester, speed measuring, police car lights, sirens, law enforcement recorders, traffic batons, weighing instruments, notice boards (flag, panels), window breakers
  • Safety protection: traffic cones, traffic barricades, traffic spikes, bullet-resistant vests, stab-proof vests, shields, bulletproof helmets, safety gloves, chemical suits, gas masks, reflective speed bumps, two-wheeled, motorcycle protective, clothing, intrusion alarm systems for traffic accident sites
  • Police weapons: batons, CS spray, restraint straps, handcuffs, police forks
  • Police gear: walkie-talkies, police mobile data terminal, LED flashlight, riot arm guards, knives, emergency kits, equipment bags
  • Vehicles: accident investigation, towing
  • Special purposes: patrol cars, vehicles to detect driving under the influence, police escorts, mobile command vehicles, mobile police station, investigation cars, motorcycles for traffic management and law enforcement
  • Supporting vehicles: police equipment transport, driving test, mobile services, traffic facility maintenance, traffic safety popularization, traffic facility transport
  • Helicopters: police helicopters, unmanned planes

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