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China Nanjing New Energy Auto Expo

Location: Nanjing International Expo Center
Date: May 29, 2020 09:30 – May 31, 2020 18:00
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The  China (Nanjing) international energy conservation and new energy automobile exhibition
” of the five big exhibition area, 3 square meters of exhibition area, new energy galleries passenger cars and commercial vehicles, unmanned intelligent made cars & technology exhibition, auto lightweight & manufacturing equipment & smart cockpit & core parts area, power battery and charging system & core parts exhibition, business model innovation exhibition about car & network operators. We sincerely look forward to your attention and sincerely invite you to attend the Nanjing energy-saving and new energy auto show.
Product Categories:
  • New energy vehicle (passenger vehicle/commercial vehicle)
    Hybrid electric vehicles (micro mix, light mix, medium mix, heavy mix plug-in hybrid), pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, solar electric vehicles and hydrogen energy, natural and other new energy, clean fuel, hybrid electric vehicles and a variety of low emission, environmental protection, and energy-saving vehicles;


  • Pure electric vehicles
    Electric cars, buses, buses, electric logistics vehicles, electric cleaning vehicles, electric sightseeing vehicles, various station wagons, electric golf carts, electric tractors, special electric vehicles, etc.


  • Power drive system
    Power battery, battery management system, fuel cell, hybrid power system, drive motor, electric vehicle control, and drive system, engine, testing, and repair equipment, related testing, monitoring, protective instruments, related technology;


  • New energy auto parts
    Power capacitors, supercapacitors, flywheels, electric heat pumps, electric power steering, electric air conditioners, tires, wire connections, materials related to electromagnetic technology;


  • Charging infrastructure
    Charging station intelligent network project planning and results display, inverter, solar energy, wind energy complementary new energy automobile charging station technology products, charging station power distribution equipment, charger, power monitoring and control system, active filter is installed 臵, charging pile, transformer, power distribution cabinets, cable, directly charging equipment, filling in the battery and battery management system, parking charging infrastructure, intelligent monitoring, charging station power supply solution;


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