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China (Ningbo) International Sourcing Fair on Lamps, Lanterns and Accessories & Led Illumination Exhibition

Location: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center – 181 Huizhan Rd, Jiangdong Qu, Ningbo Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China
Date: May 13, 2020 09:00 – May 15, 2020 18:00
China (Ningbo) International Sourcing Fair on Lamps, Lanterns and Accessories & Led Illumination Exhibition 1 China is one of the fastest-growing countries in the global urbanization process. China has listed LED lighting as a “12th Five-Year” strategic emerging industry. Ningbo is listed as the pilot city of the national “ten cities and thousands” of semiconductor lighting application projects, and the global LED industry market is about 648 billion 74 million US dollars in 2017, up 13.42% in the same period. The growth rate of the mouth is faster. Ningbo has become one of the most important production and export bases for semiconductor lighting products in China.            
According to analysis: in the first quarter, the total export value of China’s LED lighting products was 6 billion 788 million US dollars, up 3.8% over the same period last year. According to the planning requirements, by 2020, the overall output value of the semiconductor lighting industry will reach 10000 billion yuan, and the sales of LED lighting products account for 70% of the total sales of the whole lighting industry.

“China (Ningbo) International lamps and lanterns purchasing and trading conference and LED Lighting Exhibition” is committed to promoting the development of China’s lighting industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, enhance the brand and awareness of enterprises, and thus promote the overall development of China’s lighting industry; the conference has a pre-exhibition area of 40 thousand square meters and special display space. 2000; the General Assembly will invite national lighting and electrical products agent/distributor/ import and export Trader/luminaire manufacturer, department store/chain store, major building design institute (Institute), property developer, city lighting landscape planning/construction company, municipal / street road construction company, outdoor advertising producer, and Industry The purchasing department of Cheng construction contracting / system contracting / decoration/decoration/decoration/installation company, government urban construction department/energy conservation, and environmental protection department, hotel/office building and so on, government procurement departments and Middle East countries, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, and South Korea, Australia, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other overseas groups are the main invitations.

The Exhibition was successfully held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. Nearly 40 thousand square meters of exhibition area, more than 800 enterprises participated in the exhibition, thousands of products appeared, providing a comprehensive procurement and trading platform for the buyers at home and abroad.            
The bright light of the exhibition, meet the future – China (Ningbo) semiconductor lighting technology innovation application and international cooperation development forum; Ningbo international lighting exhibition overseas buyers special procurement docking meeting; the current market and technology industry cooperation opportunities at home and abroad, condense industry cross-boundary integration, innovation, and development; The development of international lighting industry and the transformation and upgrading of the industry.            
This exhibition runs through the upper, middle, downstream and terminal applications of the LED industry. Buyers from Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Japan, and South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Canada, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and other countries have come to purchase. The three days of the exhibition attracted 55637 professional audiences from home and abroad, and the overseas audience occupied the audience. Up to 33%, set the new high.  
Product Categories:
●Outdoor lighting: Plazas lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, decoration lighting,  floodlighting of buildings, gymnasiums lighting, park landscape lighting, guardrail lights, wall washer lights,  fiber lamps, moisture-proof lamps, flameproof lamps and etc; ●Lamps and lanterns: Road lamps and lanterns, garden and landscape lamps, solar lamps, indoor decoration lights,  flashlights, architectural lights, miner’s lamps, floodlights, electrodeless lamps, embedded lights, marine lights,  special lamps and lanterns, underwater lights and emergency lights; ●City illuminated lighting: landscape lighting, illuminated engineering technology equipment, intelligent control  and distribution systems, outdoor laser technology products and etc; ●LED lighting: LED indoor/outdoor lighting (fluorescent lamps, bulb lamps, spot lamps,  line lamps and street lamps, etc), high-power LED lighting, LED display screens, monochromatic display screens,  dual primary color display screens, modules, traffic signal lamps, drive and control systems, and etc; ● Intelligent lighting: smart home lighting, smart LED lamps, LED smart street lights, LED intelligent lighting control systems, etc;  ●LED encapsulation manufacturing equipment and testing apparatus: adhesive dispensers, crystallizing machines,  welding wire machines, color/light splitters, spectrum detectors, pin cutting machines, moistureproof cabinets,  purification equipment and Automatic production equipment, etc.; ●LED encapsulation: epitaxy and chips, encapsulation technologies, encapsulation adhesives,  diodes, SMD LED, high-power LED, digital tubes, lattice models, organosilicons, aluminum bases, brackets,  IC, capacitors and resistors, other applications and technologies of LED/OLED, etc.; ●Energy-saving series: high-power searchlights, T5/T8/ T10L, wall lamps, metal halide lamps, spiral series, and etc.; ●Electric light source series: new ordinary bulbs, tungsten-halogen bulbs, energy-saving bulbs,  fluorescent lamps, lamp tubes, various radiation light sources, and etc; ●Professional lighting and supporting equipment: neon lamps, stage lighting, film lighting,  television lighting, dimming control devices and various lighting controllers; ●Lighting Fittings and accessories: electronic parts and components, switches, terminals, optical products,  radiators, wires, and cables, ballasts, triggers, transformers, control boxes, insulation materials, lamp stems,  lamp arms, lampshades, lamp panels, lamp bases, lamp holders, and etc.; ●Special materials for lighting products: fluorescent powder, electronic powder, quartz tubes,  glass tubes (shell), electrode materials, tungsten filaments, and etc.;  


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