China (Qingdao) Inteinational Power Transmission & Control Technology Exhibition

Location: Qingdao International Convention Center – Miao Ling Lu, LaoShan ShangQuan, Laoshan Qu, Qingdao Shi, Shandong Sheng, China, 266000
Date: July 17, 2020 09:00 – July 21, 2020 18:00
China (Qingdao) Inteinational Power Transmission & Control Technology Exhibition 1

China (Qingdao) International Power Transmission & Control Technology Exhibition
Gathering all kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic, seals, transmission and comprehensive power transmission and control technology of science and technology industry exhibition (hereinafter referred to as PTCE) has over 20 during the spring and autumn, PTCE according to the needs of various industrial enterprise users, build up a technical guidance and application as the key point of the exhibition, actively explore more business opportunities for exhibitors and the audience, through professional works, relying on the perfect audience invitation system, create a high-quality buyers for the world trade negotiations, to promote the company brand image, vertical and horizontal to the expansion of international communication platform.
Product Categories
◆ Hydraulic technology
Hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic drive device, hydraulic control valve, supercharger and transducer, hydraulic accumulator, hydraulic system and complete equipment, hydraulic test bench, pressure relay, special hydraulic equipment, sealing device and auxiliary equipment ◆ Sealing technology
Extrusion rubber and plastic seal extrusion rubber and the plastic seal, rotary shaft seal, reciprocating seal, stem guide seal, mechanical seal, flexible graphite seal, another gasket seal, and materials ◆ Pneumatic technology
Cylinder, pneumatic motor, supercharger, and gas-liquid actuator, pneumatic working element, pneumatic valve, pneumatic element, pneumatic and jet control system, compressed air treatment, compressed air treatment, pneumatic actuator, pneumatic device, and others
The theme exhibition area of mechanical transmission, spare parts and manufacturing equipment ◆ Gear drive
Engineering construction machinery gear, automobile, motorcycle gear, agricultural machinery gear, aviation, shipping, railway locomotive, metallurgy, and other gear, high-speed heavy-duty gear box, planetary gear reducer, worm gear reducer, motor reducer assembly, etc
Mixer chain
Curved plate roller chain for heavy-duty transmission, special special-shaped conveying chain, short pitch precision roller chain for transmission, double pitch roller chain for transmission and conveying, tooth-shaped chain, etc
Mixer drive belt
Belt transmission, synchronous belt, v-type belt, flat belt, multi-wedge belt, speed belt, belt wheel, etc ◆ Transmission coupling
Coupling, universal joint, universal shaft, CAM intermittent device, hydraulic coupling, hydraulic torque converter, clutch, brake and brake system, etc
Pieces of spring
Spring steel, valve spring, suspension spring, diaphragm spring, disc spring, hot spring, high-temperature resistant spring, strong spring, gas spring, etc
All kinds of mechanical equipment and testing instruments
All kinds of forging and pressing machinery, cold heading machine, forming machine, gear processing equipment, gearbox processing center, and testing center, all kinds of mold, spring manufacturing equipment, chain manufacturing equipment and assembly machinery
Bearing theme exhibition area ◆ Bearings and their bearing parts
Deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, needle roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, all kinds of special standards, materials, requirements, and USES of bearings, all kinds of shafts, sleeves, wheels and other bearing related parts

◆ Bearing production and processing equipment
Bearing blank production line, all kinds of press, cutting machine, precision cold rolling equipment, heat treatment production line, bearing grinding overproduction line or single machine, all kinds of bearing testing instruments, bearing production, testing related equipment, instruments, etc
Linear motion system theme exhibition area
Linear guide rail, linear motion drive element/system, linear motion system, electromechanical actuator, compound motion system, etc
Electrical transmission theme exhibition area
Common industrial motor, special industrial motor, servo motor, frequency conversion, converter device and components, electric drive control system, electric motor components, etc

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