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China Robot Show

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: June 04, 2020 09:00 – June 06, 2020 18:00
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The China BEIJING International Robot Exhibition

The China BEIJING International Robot Exhibition (CRS BEIJING) will be held at the China international exhibition center in BEIJING. China Beijing international robot exhibition was founded in 2011, is a business meeting in the field of intelligent industry and robot, attracted 198 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions, the international enterprise participation up to 50, professional audiences of more than 68000 person-time, exhibition area of 26000 square meters, to be held in Beijing in June each year, the industrial and robot at home and abroad has been in the industry as a brand exhibition.


CRS BEIJING is China’s only national, international and professional intelligent robot Exhibition

CRS BEIJING is China’s only national, international and professional intelligent robot Exhibition, is the asia-pacific region’s largest and most authoritative robot event, is the world’s intelligent robot brand shortcut to enter the Chinese market, Chinese robot intelligence brand strength an important window to show the world, in the platform of intelligent robot exhibition brings together all kinds of industrial robot, service robot and intelligent car, VR technology integrated robot intelligence industry exhibition, a robot intelligence booster of corporate branding and channel developing, spreading new robot intelligence market important channel.


The Exhibition theme of “innovation power fusion” surrounding the development

The Exhibition theme of “innovation power fusion” surrounding the development of made in China in 2025 and 4.0 industrial power. The implementation of the national strategy of “area”, focusing on the artificial intelligence and robotics equipment new achievements, the exhibition brings together the world’s most advanced robots and intelligent technology and equipment, for the domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers structures, business negotiation and academic exchange platform.


CRS BEIJING’s international status and influence

After Bayu years, CRS BEIJING’s international status and influence, the Exhibition has become the international advanced robot and intelligent technology exchange and trade important place, to become the platform of the display of the latest achievements and intelligent technology, is China’s robot and intelligent recognition and intelligent industrial-technological progress and human development of vane and barometer. CRS BEIJING exhibition brings together the world’s most advanced and applicable modern robot and intelligent technology products, for domestic buyers and users, is not out of the country’s international investigation.


Product Categories
1. Industrial robot

Industrial robot body: multi-degree-of-freedom robot, parallel robot, coordinate robot, truss manipulator, power manipulator. Industrial robot application products and solutions (special machine and integrated application): industrial robot products and solutions for welding, spraying, gluing, stacking, handling, assembly, testing, sorting, packaging, and other application fields;For automotive, electronics, food, medicine, logistics, ceramics, glass, injection molding, hardware, brick, casting, chemical, textile, leather, aerospace, machine tools industry solutions. Industrial robot development platform and software technology: operating system, development platform, simulation technology, testing technology and equipment, application software.Industrial robot functional parts and components: servo system, controller, demonstrator, motor, reducer, sensor, machine vision system, embedded system, machine claw, special tools, and fixtures.Automatic car and rail car: AVG, rail car. 

2. Service robot

The educational robot, home service robot, entertainment robot, underwater robot, military security robot, medical robot, environmental cleaning robot, bionic robot, and related scientific research institutions and industrial parks


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