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China (Shanghai) International Building Insulation, Exterior Wall New Materials and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) – 2345 Longyang Rd, ShiJi GongYuan, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201203
Date: July 15, 2020 09:00 – July 17, 2020 18:00
  China (Shanghai) International Building Insulation, Exterior Wall New Materials and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition  
China (Shanghai) International Building Insulation, Exterior Wall New Materials and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition
China (Shanghai) International Building Insulation, Exterior Wall New Materials and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition is a 3-day event being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, China. This event showcases products like new building based products, ceramic-based products, water paint, to that of energy saving based products and services associated with this field, etc.  
Exhibition details
Enabled the exhibition in Shanghai new international expo center 7 pavilion, exhibition area of nearly 80000 square meters, nearly 1200 exhibitors all exhibitors, the exhibition scene nearly 101250 professional audience overseas audience (including domestic audience of 93150 people, 8100), involved in more than 200 media publicity, the scene held nearly 40 theme BBS’s overall image, to further consolidate the “Asia’s no.1” green building materials.  
The exhibition attracted professional architectural crowds at home and abroad
Exhibition not only attracted professional building materials production and marketing enterprises at home and abroad to visit, also attracted the domestic and international numerous real estate development units, construction units, design units, construction units, and the government sector management departments, the relevant scientific research institutes, project owners, buyers and dealers of participation in and attention, and at the same time also become so far the largest and most professional domestic energy-saving products and energy-saving technology exhibition.  
Exhibition Category:


1. Building insulation materials:

  • Inorganic insulation materials: rock (mineral) cotton board, glass wool, ceramic fiber insulation materials, insulation mortar, aerogel, aluminum silicate fiberboard (felt), glass bubbles, glass fiber mesh cloth, concrete structural materials, expanded perlite, calcium silicate board, etc.
  • Foaming insulation materials: foaming cement, foaming agent, foamed concrete block/light wallboard, foaming insulation board, Portland cement, etc.
  • Organic insulation materials: melamine foam insulation materials, EPS insulation board, phenolic foam materials, polyurethane insulation materials, vacuum insulation board, polyethylene foam, flame retardant, foamed urea-formaldehyde resin, EPS raw materials (auxiliary materials), soft fiberboard, extruded board (XPS), etc.
  • Deep cooling materials: foam glass, low-temperature insulation aluminum foil composite, glass microfiber, composite cryogenic insulation materials, cryogenic binder, etc.
  • Construction materials production equipment: thermal insulation material production equipment, building testing equipment, polyurethane spraying equipment, rock wool equipment, foaming cement mixer, EPS equipment, etc.
  • Wall/roof insulation: external (self/internal) insulation system of the external wall, roof waterproof insulation, heat insulation coating, true stone paint, rock sheet paint, etc.
  • Sound insulation and sound-absorbing materials: sound-absorbing cotton, sound-absorbing wall, sound-absorbing board, sound-absorbing wallpaper, sound-absorbing (sound-absorbing) coating, etc.

2. New materials for exterior wall decoration:

  • New external hanging materials: ceramic board, ceramic sheet, external wall dry hanging board, fiber cement hanging board, curtain wall decoration board, PVC/ wood-plastic external wall hanging board, silica rock external wall, EPS decorative lines, GRC external wall, diesaceous earth, etc.
  • Metal decoration plate: aluminum-plastic (single) plate, aluminum alloy decoration plate, aluminum zinc plating plate, aluminum honeycomb plate, titanium zinc decoration plate, copper decoration plate, copper plastic plate, metal composite insulation board, stainless steel decoration plate, magnesium aluminum decoration plate, magnesium aluminum bending plate, etc.
  • Exterior wall coatings: exterior wall genuine stone paint, exterior wall latex paint, exterior wall cement paint, fluorocarbon paint, and spraying equipment, etc.
  • External wall stone: archaize brick, cultural stone, granite, marble, Mosaic, external wall facing brick, glazed brick, polishing brick and maintenance products;
  • Integrated insulation and decoration: fire insulation and decoration board, phenolic board, integrated insulation and decoration board, imitation stone insulation board, etc.
  • Construction adhesive: ceramic tile adhesive, beauty seam sealant, seam sealant, sealant, structural adhesive, etc.
  • External wall dry hanging accessories: wall bolts, anchors, embedded parts, connectors, and other accessories;
  3. New building energy-saving technologies:

Solar photovoltaic materials, roof photovoltaic power generation system, new energy-saving doors, Windows and curtain walls, gypsum building materials, insulation blocks, hollow glass bricks, steel structures, prestressing and other new technologies and materials;


4. Other:

Building thermal insulation, waterproof and energy-saving engineering construction machinery and tools, application technology, system accessories and auxiliary materials, relevant waterproof technology research achievements;

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