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China (Tianjin) International Industrial Expo

Location: Tianjin Meijiang Conference & Exhibition Center – China, Tianjin Shi, Xiqing Qu Tianjin Meijiang Conference & Exhibition Center: 300381
Date: June 19, 2020 09:00 – June 22, 2020 16:30
China (Tianjin) International Industrial Expo 1 Global industrial points, west Germany industrial power led industrial world wind direction, the east China industrial manufacturing power affects global industrial pulse, in terms of industrial production, China has been the leading countries to become the world’s industrial powers, Tianjin as the research and development of advanced manufacturing base in China, China’s industrial core city, one of the earliest industrial bases in China, integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region coordinated development of the engine of the city, is an indicator of the national industrial development.
Sponsored by the Tianjin Zhen Wei exhibition co., LTD. (Tianjin) the 15th China international industry fair (hereinafter referred to as: Tianjin GongBoHui CIEX), based on the research and development of advanced manufacturing base in China – Tianjin, with intelligent, greening, service as the main line, set the brand exhibition, technology exchange and trade cooperation, publicity and promotion, international discussion at an organic whole, provide one-stop exhibition platform to promote global industrial upgrade.
Tianjin GongBoHui service industry manufacture the industrial chain, machine tools, robots, automotive equipment, industrial assembly, sheet metal, laser, mold tool, wisdom, logistics, intelligent manufacturing and other professional exhibition, who is more than 10 years of industry resources, attracting more than 20 countries and regions in the world nearly 1000 famous brands exhibition, international ratio was 30%. Tianjin industrial fair launched the global buyer invitation program and established a buyer database of more than 300,000 pieces. With the purpose of concluding transactions for exhibitors, high-end buyers were invited to the exhibition for exhibitors around the world, which successively created a transaction record of more than 100 million yuan for a single order and more than 40 times for single equipment sold.
Product Categories
  • CNC machine tools, cutting machine tools, processing centers;
  • Computer software manufacturing technology;
  • Surface treatment technology;
  • Power plant technology, electrical machinery, and equipment manufacturing;
  • Large metal castings and calendering;
  • Industrial automation;
  • Automobile parts manufacturing technology and equipment;
  • Laser cutting, sheet metal processing;
  • Industrial spare parts and sub-contracting;
  • Large intelligent construction machinery equipment;
  • Industrial robots; Service robots;
  • Mold and plate processing equipment;
  • Forming equipment; Complete set of CNC machine tools;
  • Machine tool accessories/cutting tools/super hard materials;
  • General equipment manufacturing;
  • Robot system integration, assembly system integration;
  • Machining process, materials, and design;
  • Power transmission and control technology
  • Automobile and other transportation manufacturing;
  • Servo drive device, numerical control system;
  • Inspection instruments, measuring instruments, measuring tools;
  • Internet, big data and cloud computing systems;
  • Casting, thermal processing, welding equipment;
  • 3D printing equipment;

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