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China (Zhengzhou) International Tea Culture Expo

Location: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ZZICEC) – 1 Nei Huan Road, Central Business District, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China
Date: May 08, 2020 09:30 – May 11, 2020 18:00

In order to create a central China tea event with tea culture as the soul, tea trade as the main body, and highlight the co-existence and co-prosperity of central China industrial economy and tea culture, Henan radio and television station and Zhengzhou huizuo exhibition planning co., Ltd. jointly held China (Zhengzhou) international tea culture expo. This exhibition will play the role of specialization, marketization, and scale, lead the development of central plains culture, flourish the tea trade in central plains, promote the circulation of tea, and set up the stage for tea culture exchange for the majority of tea friends.

This exhibition will be held in Zhengzhou international conference and exhibition center, will be collected from the national well-known tea region of origin of tea enterprises brand has more than 500 companies, including six major tea tea, purple sand, ceramic, annatto, root carving, crafts, extension and the whole industry chain of the tea industry products, category complete segmentation and exhibits rich and varied, set up a tea culture promotion, tasting tea products, procurement and trade exchange platform.

China (Zhengzhou) International Tea Culture Expo 1

(I) tea culture exhibition area (tea culture photo exhibition, tea space exhibition, tea clothing display, famous tea intangible cultural heritage handcraft display, etc.)

(2) exhibition groups of origin: funding white tea exhibition group, Yunnan puer tea exhibition group, Xinyang maojian exhibition group, west lake Longjing exhibition group, a xi tieguanyin exhibition group, Taiwan high mountain tea exhibition group, etc

(3) famous tea exhibition areas: white tea area, black tea area, black tea area, puer tea area, fashion tea area, etc

(4) zisha art zone

(5) teaware handicraft area (tea living area)

Product Categories:

Tea space, tea clothing, tea ceremony, incense ceremony, tea art, tea book, tea painting and related antique collection, famous painting, and calligraphy, etc.

  • [tea]: white tea, Pu ‘er tea, maojian tea, tieguanyin tea, black tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, flower tea, liubao tea, fu tea, Tibetan tea, Wuyi rock tea, organic tea, etc.
  • [regenerative tea]: extracted tea, concentrated tea, fruit tea, health care tea, health care tea, antihypertensive tea, tea food, etc.
  • [tea set]: purple sand, ceramics, tea tray, tea maker, etc.
  • [tea furniture]: rosewood furniture, root carving, wood carving, big board, tea table, root art, aloes, etc.
  • [tea packaging]: tea packaging design, metal canning, and packaging machinery and equipment;
  • [tea making water]: special water for tea ceremony, mineral water, pure water, bottled water, direct drinking water, bottled water customization, and water purification equipment, etc.


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