China(Guangzhou) International Advanced Materials Exhibition

Location: Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex – No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Date: August 08, 2020 09:00 – August 10, 2020 18:00


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The Exhibition

Intelligent manufacturing and the application of new materials is the main direction of “made in China 2025”, which is not only an important opportunity for China to realize industrial transformation and upgrading but also related to the success or failure of China’s strategy of becoming a manufacturing power.Intelligent manufacturing and new materials development makes manufacturing volume to further expand, make the information technology and high-end equipment, integrated circuit, new energy, biological medicine, such as 3 d printing, transportation and engine industry to the development of the emerging industry, power industry become a dominant industry, to make innovation in moving into the new normal economic development.

With the “One Belt And One Road” and “Guangdong-hong kong-Macao greater bay area” national strategy.Guangzhou is a millennium commercial capital, China’s important economic and trade center and national strategic center city.Adjacent to southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, it is also the largest r&d base for intelligent manufacturing and new materials and the import and export port of new materials, with a superior geographical location and extremely strong economic radiation capacity.China (Guangzhou) international intelligent manufacturing and China(Guangzhou) International Advanced Materials Exhibition will be held in Canton fair, which will promote the development of intelligent equipment and new materials industry.The exhibition will be held into an exhibition, trade negotiations, technical exchanges, industrial investment as one of the industry events.

Product Categories
High-temperature alloy

◆ alloy steel, structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resisting steel, electrical silicon steel, tool steel, stainless steel heat-resisting steel, wear-resisting steel, etc.

Pieces of hard alloy, iron alloy, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, anti-rust aluminum alloy, automotive aluminum alloy, copper alloy, brass, bronze, copper, zinc alloy, zinc alloy casting and deformation of zinc alloy, pewter, tin-based bearing alloy, lead, tin, lead, tin alloy solder coating, casting high temperature alloy, deformation of high temperature alloy, high temperature alloy powder, the oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloys, etc.

◆ special alloy: liquid metal, liquid metal thermal paste, liquid metal thermal plate, liquid metal electronic ink, corrosion-resistant alloy, heat resistant alloy, titanium alloy, magnetic alloy, sodium-potassium alloy, light alloy, aluminum-lithium alloy, hydrogen storage alloy, super heat resistant alloy, shape memory alloy, etc.

◆ alloy production equipment: smelting equipment, heat treatment, industrial furnace casting, rolling, cutting, welding, special processing and forming equipment, metal hardness, tension, friction impact, non-destructive testing equipment, 3D printing equipment


Advanced Materials
  • Advanced Materials: high-temperature alloy, hard alloy, memory alloy, silicon material, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel material, magnetic material, superhard material, metal foam material, liquid metal, etc.
  • Electronic materials: semiconductor materials, superconducting materials, dielectric materials, piezoelectric materials, liquid crystal materials, optoelectronic materials, nanomaterials, storage materials, etc.
  • Polymer materials: engineering plastics, fluorosilicate materials, polyimide, polytetrafluoroethylene, silicon materials, elastic materials, aerogel, functional film materials, special materials, 3D printing additive materials, fire retardant materials, anti-corrosion materials, special coatings, biodegradable materials, etc.
  •  New energy materials: solar photovoltaic materials, lithium battery materials, energy storage materials, wind power materials, new light source materials, graphene, etc.
  • Composite materials: high-performance fibers, carbon fiber materials, ceramic matrix composites, resin matrix composites, metal composites, etc.
  • Material production and processing equipment: metal processing, die-casting, casting, metal forming equipment, polymer processing equipment, powder metallurgy, surface treatment and other material processing equipment.
  • Material testing and inspection equipment: thickness gauge, thermal analyzer particle size meter, material nondestructive testing instrument, testing machine, optical instrument and equipment, chemical analysis instrument and laboratory equipment, etc.



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