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Chongqing International Crafts Collections & Classical Furniture Expo

Location: Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center – Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center
Date: August 07, 2020 09:30 – August 10, 2020 18:00
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Expo overview

The exposition organizers for exhibition of “specialization, internationalization, and brand” concept, is committed to building in southwest China with the domestic and foreign exhibition communication platform for the exhibition, conference, through exposition, strengthen the international promotion of the city of Chongqing, promoting the outside world with the help of the previous understanding of Chongqing, Chongqing, Chongqing fair investment in Chongqing, using fair BBS, convention and exhibition experience multiple activities such as platform, increase the Chongqing local enterprises with domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, promote the sustainable development of relevant industries of Chongqing.

Big market, big business opportunity
  • Chongqing, along with Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government of the People’s Republic of China. 
  • Chongqing, China 1.5 line city, the largest multi-functional modern industrial and commercial city in western China; 
  • Chongqing, the economic and financial center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, a national historical and cultural city; 
  • Chongqing, with a population of 32 million, is the largest oversize city in China. 
  • Chongqing, with an area of 82,400 square kilometers, has 38 administrative districts and counties under its jurisdiction. 
  • Chongqing, the annual GDP of 2013 1265669 billion yuan, the growth rate of the second place in the country, ranked first in the west
Twenty-one-year strength guarantee

Established in 1999, botching exhibition, a giant in the exhibition field has always been dedicated to creating international high-end brands. After 20 years of brilliant development, up to 2019, more than 190 large-scale high-level exhibitions have been held. Strength speaks for itself. In Chongqing, China international jewellery to bo chang exhibition 20 years of successful experience in exhibition and resources, 20 years of serious and responsible attitude in the holding of exhibitions and the authority of the organizer’s appeal, bo chang’s most powerful elite team, millions of advertising special funds, a full range of media publicity plan, a strong guarantee of Chongqing crafts field huge traffic and purchasing power.

The exhibition scope

1. The work of art

  • Porcelain art: ancient porcelain/craft porcelain/high imitation porcelain/art ceramics/purple clay pot and other artworks
  • Carving: jade carving/wood carving/root carving/stone carving/bronze carving/micro-carving and other sculpture works
  • Strange stone: Shoushan stone/indoor ornamental stone/garden stone/mineral crystal specimen
  • Calligraphy and painting art: calligraphy/Chinese painting/printmaking/oil painting/watercolor painting/embroidery/folk art, etc

2. The collection

Antiques, porcelain, commemorative MEDALS, commemorative COINS, ancient COINS, ancient silver, ancient clocks and watches, ancient calligraphy and painting, celebrity calligraphy and painting, antique relics, reproduction of cultural relics, etc

3. Classic furniture

The antique furniture of Chinese each period of annatto classic furniture, antique furniture, Ming qing type archaize furniture, all sorts of furniture of the new classic type, yellow flower pear, red sandalwood, acid branch waits for rare hardwood furniture, classic furniture fittings, rare wood to wait.


Professional purchaser

1. Dealers of arts and crafts, importers and exporters, distribution units of tourist commodities, tourist attractions, wholesalers of gifts, large shopping malls, department stores, decoration design companies, high-end home furnishing market; 

2, art management company, the art market, antique collection market, cultural market, the auction house, museum, art museum, gallery, real estate developers, star hotels, high-end entertainment units, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, collectors, investors, real estate developers, senior architect, and interior designer; 

3. Rosewood classical furniture collector, rosewood classical furniture collection market, high-end home furnishing market, etc.

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