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Garden Machinery & Outdoor Power Exhibition

Location: Hunan International Convention & Exhibition Center – East Sanyi Ave, Kaifu, Changsha, Hunan, China
Date: June 13, 2020 09:30 – June 15, 2020 18:00
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Exhibition overview:

Driven by the policies of “improving the ecological environment” and “building forest cities and beautiful villages”, China’s garden industry has ushered in a wide range of economic development space. “GFI+EXPO” promotes the high-quality and rapid development of China’s garden industry.

GFI + EXPO consists of China’s internal combustion engine industry association, China association of building energy conservation three-dimensional green and ecological landscape professional committee, the east Jia heng exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD. Jointly organized a number of government departments and agencies provide the support of professional landscaping industry trade fairs, exhibits a wide range covers garden machinery, outdoor power, hardware tools, electric tools, flowers, nursery stock, maintenance materials, landscape gardening, landscape areas such as chain upstream and downstream products, make the complete industrial chain of landscape greening trade platform

Product Category:

1. Garden Machinery & Outdoor Power Exhibition:
Planting machinery, tree maintenance, greenhouse landscape building, large tree transplantation machinery, lawnmower, lawn cart, all-terrain vehicle, hay mower, grass mower, weeder, bunker rake, lawn trimmer, stubble plough, edge cutting machine, hedge trimmer, chain saw, electric saw, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pulverizer, wood chipper, tree mover, mini-tiller, hole puncher, fertilizer distributor, high-branch pruning machine, leaf vacuum, cleaning machine, sprayer-duster, transporter, trailer and other machinery and engines;Diesel & gasoline engine, generator unit, water pump, air cylinder, carburetor, piston, motor, mower head, trimmer rope, engine oil, saw chain, blade, guide plate, starter, shield, transmission and relevant accessories.

2. Hardware & Electric Tool Exhibition
Craft shear, pruning shear, adjustable shear, high-branch shear, electric shear, hedgerow shear, handsaw, wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, scoop, toolkit, hoe, hand tool, etc.

Hand tools and accessories, electric tools and accessories, building materials and equipment, safety equipment and products, building material machinery and accessories, electromechanical equipment and products, etc.

3. Horticultural & Green Landscape Exhibition
Smart city, landscape planning, ecological architecture, villa garden design, sponge city materials and facilities, roof greening and water-proof technology, outdoor wood/bamboo/vine structure landscape architecture, iron products, simulation materials, new materials, energy-saving & thermal insulation technology, outdoor landscape lighting products, design & maintenance of tourist attractions and theme parks, playground and leisure/sports ground facilities, outdoor furniture products and garden products

4. Nursery Plant and Flower & Maintenance Materials
Garden & nursery maintenance materials, ornamental nursery stocks and flower materials, garden irrigation and water-saving irrigation products, plant growth regulation & protection materials, etc.

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