Guangzhou International Gas Application Technology And Equipment Expo

Location: Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre – Guang Zhou Guo Ji Cai Gou Zhong Xin, Haizhu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China
Date: October 13, 2020 09:00 – October 15, 2020 18:00
Guangzhou International Gas Application Technology And Equipment Expo 1
Guangzhou International Gas Application Technology And Equipment Expo
Energy and environment are recognized as one of the global focus issues for the present times. Natural gas available across cities as clean energy maintains the role significantly good for energy saving, environment protection, living standard betterment, and promotion to drive social & economic growth. Thanks to its role, natural gas thereby becomes the realistic choice to update energy structure, in order to realize the goal of modernization and consolidate efforts to suffice the emergent needs to save energy and reduce emissions. Since home-wide urbanization campaign, the growing populations shall produce an even bigger market demand in favor of petroleum gas & natural gas equipment sectors. Among large natural gas projects, the “West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project” after milestone completion shall guide the cities at South China to go into the period during which utilization of petroleum gas and natural gas shall grow at fast speed unprecedented, and thereby creating opportunity to grow traditional gas operation sector and produce the bigger market and to producing endless opportunity to the component sectors in the chain of city gas industry.
Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is the front-edge city of China-wide reform campaign and important international trade window. Guangzhou has a considerable financial base and tremendous market potentials. Guangdong is the center of PRD (Pearl River Delta or Chu Chiang Delta), abutting Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and known for a part of Southeast Asia coverage. Guangdong is easily accessible by air, road, and sea. Guangdong has a wide market coverage and developed economic base. With CEPA implementation, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and PRD (9+2) are bonded together to keep a good interaction to work out regional collaboration and development, and this interaction shall be bound to create the prospects to the gas sector for endless growth.
Gas Expo (The Guangzhou International Gas Application Technology and Equipment Expo) is benefited from tremendous China-wide market demand for gas technologies and equipment needs. After years of development, Gas Expo is now presented as a gathering that appeals to top international brands from the gas world. With its sponsor’s delicate design, Gas Expo  is fashioned to debut in new style at Guangzhou once again because it has dependency on fast growth in gas sector, the best potential market resource globally, and has full receipt of gas sector growth status, home& international market demand and successful experience obtained from past exhibitions, as well as support and care from government organs and trade association. Gas Expo is made to deepen exhibit event substance, boost sector growth and provide services to enterprises. The Gas Expo 2020 shall play as the role of international trade platform to enable merchants to expand business-coverage, communicate technologies, present strength, capture information, associate customers, advertise new product lines and seek partners for collaboration. At Gas Expo 2020, efforts are made to present the latest products, works of products in the gas sector and the future development orientation. This Expo is advertised by more than 100 partner media groups, in every particular.
The Expo is launched to serve the objects for “brand presence, innovation, pragmaticism, and service focus”; With the unique design, sophisticated management practices, excellent services, and new ideas, the Expo shall provide a “professional, international and branded” platform at which home and international exhibitors are enabled to communicate, provide the more cooperation opportunities for global gas sector; promote China’s gas technologies and products to international procurement system; realize gas sector to collaborate, produce mutual benefits and grow in common.  
Product Categories:
◆ Instruments and meters General gas meters, coal gas meters, thermal energy meters, heat meters, advance payment watch, IC card meter, prepayment manager system, gas measure inspection, control technologies and equipment, network collection & recording systems and other related products.   ◆ Gas technologies and equipment 1、The latest technologies (including maintenance and managing technologies and equipments) intended for oil & gas distribution systems; gas application technologies; 2、Gas control inspection technologies and equipment; gas automation control & alarm systems; 3、Petroleum gas storage technologies, coal gas purification & recovery technologies, centralized gas supply monitoring technologies; 4、Internal & external pipe monitoring, oil & gas valves, the latest special oil & gas tubes, accessories, and equipment; 5、Pipe automation control systems; pipe leakage detection and alarm, hydraulic power, technologies and equipments employed to detect and measure; 6、Integrated information managing system intended for city gas fields; gas-power generation equipment and; technologies and equipment related to city gas; 7、Gas equipments (e.g. Gas pressure regulator, regulator box and cabinets; city stations)   ◆ Natural gas vehicles (NGV) and gas station buildup and related equipment 1、Urban bus and taxies (CNG、LNG、LPG); electric hybrid vehicles; CNG & LPG gas engines; dual-fuel engine or bi-fuel engine; 2、NGV technologies & equipments and fuel conversion and storage systems: gas-filling devices, gas cylinders, high-pressure pipeline and connection, gas pressure display devices, gas supply systems, natural gas filters, low-pressure hose and recycling water tubes, and the like; 3、Gas station equipment: gas receiving station, gas supply equipment, low-temperature storage tank, pressure regulator, flow instrument, control system, and the like; 4、Special vehicles to transport dangerous goods (e.g. petroleum, gas, chemical goods)   ◆ Oil & gas recovery technologies and equipment 1、Oil depot governance equipment, gas filling machines, gas station governance equipment, oil tank truck governance equipment;

2、Oil & gas emergency rescue technologies & equipments and more.

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