Guangzhou International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition

Location: Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre – Guang Zhou Guo Ji Cai Gou Zhong Xin, Haizhu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China
Date: October 13, 2020 09:00 – October 15, 2020 18:00
Guangzhou International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition 1
Welcome to ITE, China’s most influential international brand event of the intelligent transportation industry

With the development of social economy and technological progress, traffic management and traffic engineering have gradually developed into an intelligent traffic system. In recent years, China’s transportation industry has comprehensively promoted the construction of information technology and made great progress in intelligent transportation. As an important part of transportation modernization, intelligent transportation system (its) will continue to be the strategic direction of key support and development in the field of transportation science and technology in China during the 13th five-year plan period. At the same time, the reform of “supply-side” of transportation is deepening, and urban intelligent transportation is faced with innovative tasks such as planning innovation, development innovation, and management innovation. For countries like “One Belt And One Road” strategic significant demand for transportation is put forward, in order to solve China’s integrated transport efficiency is low, public travel inconvenience, high energy consumption of the serious state of traffic safety, traffic, transportation urgent problems such as backward service level as the guidance, adapt to the need of the application and the innovation to lead and promote the sustainable development of intelligent transportation, is the main train of thought for the future development of intelligent transportation industry in our country.

In order to comply with the intelligent development of the transportation industry, under the leadership of the competent departments at all levels, Guangzhou CLP international exhibition co., LTD., together with the industry authorities, organized “Guangzhou international intelligent transportation exhibition” (ITE) in Guangzhou Pazhou international purchasing center. We will deepen the connotation of the activities, we take the development of industry, with “outstanding brand, pioneering and innovative, pragmatic, strengthen service” exhibition purposes, relying on the unique creative, scientific management and excellent service, with a new concept for the general domestic and foreign exhibitors to provide a “high level, high taste, high quality” the expansion of business, technology exchange, display power, access to information, to customers, promote new products, looking for partners in the international trade platform. We will provide more cooperation opportunities for the global intelligent transportation industry, effectively push China’s intelligent transportation-related products into the global procurement system, and coordinate and cooperate with other countries’ intelligent transportation industries for mutual benefit and common development and progress.

Product Categories:
  • Intelligent transportation systems: traffic video surveillance, traffic information collection, intelligent traffic, number plate recognition system, intelligent electronic license plate, traffic signal control, road traffic emergency command, control and communication systems, traffic signs, marking equipment, vehicle inspection test equipment, emergency services, transportation management, special police personnel and vehicles, GPS vehicle positioning equipment, GIS police geographic information system, traffic planning and urban development, and related professional materials and equipment, lights and alarm device;The latest achievements of intelligent transportation in universities and research institutes;
  •  satellite navigation and location services: beidou terminal and chip, GPS terminal and chip, LBS location information service and navigation equipment, electronic map, data analysis, and management, scheduling management platform, etc.
  •  highway informatization: highway video monitoring, traffic incident detection, ETC electronic non-stop toll collection, weight collection system, over-limit detection system, network toll management, ETC.;
  •  traffic information service and Internet of vehicles: UAV traffic aerial surveillance, traffic information release, traffic APP, traffic big data mining and management, the intelligent terminal of Internet of vehicles, communication technology of Internet of vehicles, etc.;
  •  road traffic safety: traffic signs, warning and alarm devices, police law enforcement vehicles, mobile law enforcement terminal, speedometer, alcohol detection equipment, traffic rescue, emergency command, and rescue, etc.
  • Intelligent parking equipment: all kinds of mechanical three-dimensional parking garage, intelligent parking equipment, intelligent parking equipment, parking automation system, bicycle, and motorcycle parking system, multi-layer self-propelled parking platform, intelligent charging and charging equipment;
  • Intelligent parking management system: parking solutions, Internet +, intelligent parking lot (library) management system, loading and unloading management and monitoring system, vehicle in and out of the vehicle information acquisition system, the automatic license plate recognition system, emergency contact system, vehicle guidance systems, parking systems, fire alarm system, entrance control system, parking garage parking display and guide system, control and information system, intelligent parking brake, parking lot safety facilities, parking management software, etc.;
  •  intelligent parking fee collection system: parking fee control, parking meter, parking fee magnetic card and invoice machine, parking meter, etc.
  • Parking related products: stop supporting technology and products, testing and maintenance equipment, parking guide rail, steel wire rope, chain, hydraulic systems and components, hydraulic brake system, load, rotary table, automatic doors, floors and lock dedicated motor reducer, loading lot counter, vehicle sensor, the camera and monitor, continuous electrical system, PLC hardware and software design, operation box and panels, all kinds of lights, electrical switches and control components, cables, transformers, steel, fasteners, wave plate and all kinds of exterior wall materials, steel structure engineering, parking lot processing and galvanizing technology cooperation, etc.


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