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international Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: June 09, 2020 09:30 – June 11, 2020 18:00


international Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Created by Shanghai ruining exhibition service co., LTD.,

Created by Shanghai ruining exhibition service co., LTD., The China (Beijing) international aerospace technology and equipment exhibition is one of the theme exhibition areas of China national defense information equipment and technology expo. The exhibition covers a total area of more than 20,000 square meters, with 600 standard booths, creating the world’s most professional aerospace industry event.


As a trade platform for China’s aerospace industry to achieve international cooperation

As a trade platform for China’s aerospace industry to achieve international cooperation, the Beijing international aviation and space exhibition has invited thousands of aviation enterprises to participate in the exhibition and hundreds of thousands of visitors.The transformation and upgrading of the Chinese aerospace, need to strengthen in the aviation in-depth cooperation and common development in the field of science and technology and management, Beijing international aerospace exhibition as a turning point on the basis of existing resources, create brand “aerospace exhibition”, released as aerospace high-tech professional platform and cooperation, boost domestic and international aerospace linkage development of the hardware and software, for the enterprise to participate in the construction of China’s aerospace industry to build an authoritative, effective communication platform.


international Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition

international Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition is one of the theme exhibition areas of China national defense information exhibition. Through years of accumulation of resources, it has established a huge aviation and space database, covering enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes and international aviation and space enterprises in China.In terms of marketing promotion, the Beijing aerospace exhibition, through the integrated communication of traditional media and new media, strengthens and improves the directional invitation to professional audience, especially in the field of aviation science and technology and academic field, and provides guarantee for the quality and quantity of audience.

Display range:

1. Aerospace intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment and parts exhibition area

Digital manufacturing technology, nc machine tools, laser technology, cutting tool, mold, cutting tool, jig, abrasives, metal 3 d printing, precision measuring equipment, testing technology, robots, coating technology, heat treatment equipment, welding and cutting equipment, composite component manufacturing equipment, new process technology and equipment, material manufacturing, drilling and riveting equipment, sealant rubber injection machine, the flexible assembly and automatic assembly system, auxiliary transportation equipment, automation design software, digital system and equipment, test equipment, drawing press, hot and cold processing, denso technology, automatic multi-axis shop with technology, tow laying technology, surface treatment, heat, etcStatic pressure equipment, bench tools, special processing, fasteners, parts, plastic processing, precision/ultra-precision processing and other advanced manufacturing technology fields of equipment.Autoclave molding technology, laser technology, welding technology, CNC machines, 3 d printing technology, the structure of the composite material technology, surface treatment technology, aerospace materials, advanced processing technology, RTM molding process, aerospace parts manufacturing equipment and vacuum bag molding process, special processing technology, the structure of the composite material technology, aviation engine technology, the body structures, aerospace engine parts, forging, sheet metal parts, casting, compressor parts, die casting, aluminum alloy, aluminum castings, forgings, space shell aviation titanium alloy structure, aircraft engine blades, door structure, such as vertical tail structure and phaseTurn off the product.

2. aerospace new materials exhibition area

Advanced composite materials, high temperature resistant titanium alloy, magnesium alloy and high strength steel, materials testing, high polymer materials, metal materials, aramid paper honeycomb, advanced, al-li alloys, engineering plastics, high temperature materials, damping vibration damping materials, advanced polymer matrix composites, PICA materials, high temperature alloy, glass fiber materials, shape memory alloy, carbon fiber composite materials, copper alloy and aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy, high temperature nickel base alloy, glass fiber, high performance flame-retardant materials, nano materials, ceramic/ceramic matrix composites, rare earth materials, ablative materials, intermetallic compounds, boron fiber, low density, aviation material, high temperature containing rhenium alloyAbrasive, prepreg, additive, etc.

Material preparation technology and process equipment: process forming technology and equipment, tooling design and mold, low-cost technology, automatic cutting, silk laying, belt laying, winding, sewing, preforming system manufacturing, machine hand, machine tools, etc. 

Material structure performance testing and testing technology: mechanics, thermal, physical property testing, nondestructive testing, characterization technology and equipment, etc. 

3. aerospace technology and equipment exhibition area

Civilian planes, executive, unmanned aircraft, helicopters, light small aircraft, aerospace electronics and airborne equipment, aerospace, lighting equipment, aerospace manufacturing processing and cutting equipment, aerospace and intelligent information technology, aerospace maintenance and maintenance equipment, aerospace and general tools and equipment, adhesive, and other materials and tools, aerospace application of new technology and new materials, aerospace and die casting die & mould manufacturing technology, laser welding equipment, aerospace and aeronautics and astronautics training and training equipment, related to the aerospace technology and equipment, etc.;

4. aerospace electronics, instruments and meters exhibition area

All kinds of electronic components for special industries of aerospace:Resistor, capacitor, potentiometer, electron tubes, radiator, electromechanical components, connectors, semiconductor discrete devices, electroacoustic device, laser device, display, optoelectronic devices, light night, thermal imager, sensors, power supply, switch, micro motors, solid state storage, relay, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, various types of circuit, piezoelectric crystals, quartz, electronic transformer, electronic materials, radar systems, electronic countermeasures, high speed acquisition, image processing, digital signal processing,Real-time display control, data storage, embedded system, bus technology, PLC/DCS, measurement and control system, target positioning and tracking, remote sensing and telemetry, satellite navigation, beidou navigation, time frequency, inertial navigation, surveying and mapping geographic information equipment, equipment simulation software and hardware, equipment support software and hardware, spatial data, remote sensing RS, GIS software /Systems, aerial photography, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing, laser and optoelectronics, military power supply, wires and cables, connectors, connectors, circuit boards and integrated circuits, microwave radio frequency components and instruments, electromagnetic compatibility and testing and measurement, environmental testing equipment, anti-static equipment, munitions supplies, safety protection boxes, etc.

All kinds of aerospace reliability test equipment, test and measurement instruments, electronic components and connectors, sensors, power batteries, instruments and meters, satellite technology, GPS satellite navigation equipment, data communication equipment, remote sensing, aerial photography and other types of aerospace electronic instruments and meters.

Test and measurement equipment: electronic instrument, instrument, signal generator, signal analysis, signal acquisition, spectrum analysis, electromagnetic compatibility, reliability test environment test equipment, anti-static equipment, etc.Electronic production equipment: semiconductor devices and integrated circuit production equipment, SMT equipment, PCB equipment, laser marking, etc…

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