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International Automotive Technology Expo(AUTO TECH)

Location: Wuhan International Expo Center – 619 Yingwu Ave, Hanyang Qu, Wuhan Shi, Hubei Sheng, China, 430156
Date: May 07, 2020 09:00 – May 09, 2020 17:00
International Automotive Technology Expo(AUTO TECH) 1

Automotive engineering event in China and Asia- Auto Tech China

Hubei automotive engineering institute and other units jointly by Watson exhibition sponsored by the Auto Tech China international Auto technology exhibition has become China’s important exhibition car front loading areas, mainly covers the automobile electronic technology, intelligent plant technology, EV/HEV technology, automotive lightweight technology, automatic driving technology, Autotest and measurement technology and so on six big topic. As auto science and technology innovation platform, the organizing committee of the invitation, such as Dongfeng, dragon, Changan, ford and byd, saic, Geely, gm, Beijing, Guangzhou, Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Wei, Wei ma, Bosch, Continental and Magna, Denso, Desai west Wei and other automotive OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers together tens of thousands of procurement, technical engineers, the exhibition as well as for technical cooperation. 

Electrification and intellectualization are the main driving force of automobile technology innovation, leading the transformation and evolution of the whole automobile industry ecology. With the theme of “innovation and intelligent development”, adhering to technology leading technology and technology promoting industrial development, AUTO TECH China international AUTO technology exhibition will be held in Wuhan international expo center to build a high-end exhibition platform integrating technology exchange, brand promotion and supply and purchase. As the largest city in central China, Wuhan is one of the most important AUTO industry bases in China. Joining AUTO TECH will help you rapidly expand the AUTO industry market in China and Asia. 

Product Categories:

1. Vehicle exhibition technology area: commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, concept vehicles and related parts using new technologies and materials;

2. Automotive electronics exhibition area: electronic parts/materials, semiconductors, on-board systems, test tools, ADAS, software and hardware systems, etc.

3. New energy vehicle technology and charging equipment exhibition area: drive system, motor, frequency converter, converter, components, materials, batteries, chargers, manufacturing equipment, charging facilities, wiring harnesses, cables, wiring harnesses processing equipment, etc.;

4. Automotive lightweight technology and automotive materials exhibition area: metal/non-metal lightweight materials, lightweight parts, molding/processing technology and equipment, design engineering, simulation, etc.;

5. Intelligent factory technology exhibition area: intelligent production line and system integration, robot and automation system, industrial Internet of things technology, intelligent warehousing, and logistics system, intelligent assembly and transportation, online detection, etc.

6. Automobile test and measurement exhibition area: test simulation, vibration test, environmental test, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis, onboard diagnostic system, noise, vibration and comfort (NVH), engine and exhaust analysis, third-party test, automobile manufacturing online test, parts processing test, automatic test, etc.

7. Auto driving exhibition area: sensor technology, dynamic map technology, auto navigation technology, semiconductor/artificial intelligence, network security solutions, design and development solutions, test solutions, driverless cars, etc

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