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International Electronic Circuits Exhibition

Location: Shenzhen – Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, China – No.1 Zhancheng Road, Bao An, Shenzhen
Date: May 24, 2023 – May 26, 2023








International Electronic Circuits Exhibitionv Helps the Industry Prepare for the 5G Explosion

5G tide is something the PCB industry do not want to miss… “5G Era·Smart Future” is the theme selected for next year’s International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen), the 19th edition of the largest sourcing, networking, and knowledge exchange platform for the region’s PCB & Electronic Assembly sector. Buyers can expect to see a strong line-up of enterprises from the entire PCB supply chain, a special zone dedicated to the latest technological developments, and a conference that addresses the hottest topics in the industry. The 2020 Show is the key to prepare PCB manufacturers and those involved how to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 5G era.

Converging Ideas.?Steering Innovation.?Navigating Industry.

?The show will rename as “ International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen),” which will be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China.?In this edition, the Fair will join hands with China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) with the theme, “Converging Ideas.?Steering Innovation.?Navigating Industry.” We aim to connect global industry leaders at the show to spark great ideas and to steer innovations, continue to take the lead, and shape the industry’s development.

?With the new partnership, we hope to enhance the overall level of China PCB industry and to provide an excellent platform for the industry to exchange ideas and showcase their strength to the world, making the Show the top brand in the world’s PCB industry.

Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

?Computers / Computer Peripheral
?Consumer Electronics
?Industrial/Medical Applications

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

?Connector PCB
?IC Packaging Substrate PCB (BGA/CSP/Flip Chip, etc.)
?Rigid Single Sided PCB
?Rigid Double Sided/Multilayer PCB
?Rigid Flexible PCB
?Flexible PCB

PCB/Smart Automation Equipment

?Pre-production Preparation Process
?Inner/Outer Layer Imaging and Circuitization Process
?Lamination Process
?CNC Mechanical Drilling Process
?CNC HDI Laser Drill Process
?Electrolytic/Electroless Plating Process
?Automatic Handling/Robotics System
?Profiling Process
?AOI/AVI/PCB Related Inspection Process
?Surfacing Treatment and Finishing Process
?Solder Masking Process
?Electrical Testing (ET) process
?Reliability Engineering and Testing Process
?Environmental Protection Engineering and Process
?Packaging Process

Green Technology & Equipment

?Green Manufacturing/Processing Technology & Equipment
?Water Treatment/Recycling Technology & Equipment
?Clean Room Technology & Equipment
?Waste Recycling System
?Cleaning System/Equipment
?Fume Treatment/Discharge System

PCB Materials/Chemicals

?Circuitization Artwork Films and related processing chemicals
?Resin System/Raw Laminate
?Glass Fiber/Cloth/Prepeg
?Copper Foil
?CNC Mechanical Drill Bit
?Dry Film/Photo Liquid Resist and their related processing chemicals
?Chemicals for Electroless/Electrolytic Copper/Tin/Gold, etc.
?Surface Treatment Chemicals
?Silk Screen and Photo-imagable Solder Mask
?Legend Ink
?Copper or another anode

APEX Assembly & Processing Engineering

?Design, Consulting, and Testing Service
?Contract Manufacturing Service
?REACH/RoHS Compliance Service
?Component, Connectors, and Fasteners
?Stencil Printing Equipment
?Component Prep & Placement Equipment
?Assembly Equipment
?Dispensing Equipment
?Solder Reflow Equipment
?Cleaning Equipment
?Hand Soldering Process and related equipment/chemicals
?Solder and related chemicals/materials
?Wire Bonding Equipment
?Test, Measurement, and Inspection Equipment
?Rework/Repair Equipment
?Drill, Route, and Tooling Equipment

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