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International Health Sleep Expo

Location: Guangzhou – Poly World Trade Center – No.1000 Xingang Dong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China
Date: June 01, 2018 09:30 – June 03, 2018 18:00
International Health Sleep Expo China international small and medium-sized enterprise expo (hereinafter referred to as “China international fair”) is a large-scale international expo event approved by the state council for Chinese and foreign small and medium-sized enterprises.
Wisdom and household building materials exhibition as one of the expo TTF attending, embodied the “crossover” and “smart” two big characteristics and exposition “exhibition, trade, exchange, cooperation,” the objective, stick to the “industrial linkage, universal docking” theme, is committed to “reconstruct channel of the supply chain, the wisdom to build high quality life”, for household building materials industry to build a broader, more efficient, more professional platform for the intelligent, customized, integrated, comprehensive docking professional buyers and consumers at home and abroad,In addition, it has created the first “BCD” (B dealer +C retail end +D designer) innovative exhibition mode to create a cross-border full ecological chain platform, and a design-oriented, high-end furniture professional international trade platform. Product Categories 
  • Does sleep household: new materials such as latex / 3 d/memory cotton mattresses, magnetic therapy/graphene/jade mattress, music/monitoring intelligence and private custom mattresses, ecological fabrics such as pure cotton/silk bed is tasted, high-end filling bed is tasted, prevent mites/radiation function material bed is tasted, high-end pillow, health care pillow, scene with pillow sleep products, clothing, special people, etc.;
  • ※ sleep technology: intelligent sleep wearable, sleep bracelet/sleep headset/sleep glasses and other intelligent sleep monitoring, foam board/sound-absorbing board and another noise-reducing environment, curtain/sleep light and other sleep rings
  • Environment, constant temperature/humidity/air quality/environmental monitoring and other sleep appliances, sleep management products, related tester/cloud platform, and other integrated sleep systems;
  • Does sleep medicine: household/medical ventilator breathing machine/sleep sleep apnea product such as breathing machine, guide more sleep sleep monitor/monitor/mattress sleep monitor/sleep apnea detector/intelligent monitoring wearing sleep monitoring products, such as micro electric current stimulator transcranial magnetic stimulator/low frequency pulse fields rehabilitation treatment products, sleep sleep disorders such as drugs and sleeping drugs, sleeping food drink, sleeping, sleeping therapy, etc.;
  • Eye and ear care: sleep earplug, sleep headset, sleep glasses, sleep mask, eye protector, eye lamp, eye beauty/massage/meridian meter, health glasses, eye care food/medicine, eye patch, eye care liquid, eye drops, etc.
  • ※ sleep service: sleep disorder guidance, customized sleep service, hypnosis, sleep bar, sleep environment design and construction, SPA, sleep system integration, and others.

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