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International Touch & Flexible Display / Full Screen Exhibition (Touch China)

Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center – Convention and Exhibition Cente, FuTian CBD, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, China, 518045
Date: July 02, 2020 09:00 – July 04, 2020 18:00
We look forward to the participation of domestic and overseas enterprises with technological innovation.

The  International TouchScreen Technology & Equipment (Shenzhen) Exhibition (Touch China ) aims to create the global high-end forum and exhibitionfortouch business,continuous cooperation with partners from China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, covering an exhibition area of 45,000 square meters; the organizers establish in-depth cooperation with more than 30 trade associations, more than 50 media at home and abroad. They have invited VIPs from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and the United States in the global flat panel industry. Touch China will focus on applications of new technology trends, terminal utilization, application of concepts innovative products and innovative technology. Touch China will showcase moreforcetouchproducts, flexible materials and processing technology, smartish printing technology, smart automation equipment, high-definition touch display and modular processing technology, large-sized touch screen products, wearable touch technology, fingerprint identification, sapphire materials, and process equipment.

International Touch & Flexible Display / Full Screen Exhibition (Touch China) 1

With the widespread use of 3D glass cover plates, 3D curved glass has become an important choice for mobile phone manufacturers to pursue product differentiation. Besides, 3D curved glass can be used in wearable devices, transportation and smart buildings, such as vehicle-mounted equipment, VR equipment, advertising billboards and smart wristwatches/bracelets/glasses (including contact lens), solar installations and other fields. It is expected that the shipment of 3D curved glass will increase by 63% in 2018 and that its output value will reach 1.24 billion dollars. The large-scale distribution of new cover plate products will benefit overseas equipment manufacturers first. With the technological breakthrough made by domestic manufacturers and the urgent demand of customers, domestic equipment manufacturers will usher in explosive growth.

In order to vigorously promote the 3D curved glass manufacturing technology, we set the 3DCurvedGlass Manufacturing (ShellSurfaceMolding)Technology& ApplicationPavilion to enable the formation of acooperation& exchange platform for the transformation of new materials & equipment used in touchscreens under the 3D curved glass manufacturing technology. At the same time, we will hold a 3D curved glass manufacturing (shell surface molding) technology& application summit forum. More than 300 manufacturers involved in the 3D curved glass industry chain will have a brilliant debut in the themed pavilion.

Product Categories:
manufacturing equipment: CNC, hot bending, polishing, edging, silkscreen gluing, cleaning, coating and testing equipment.Materials: Glass substrate, printing ink, gluing, coating and polishing materials.
Parts & materials for mobile phone shells/punching machines/cutting machines/polishing systems/control systems.
LCD / OLED (module) 
The LCD panel, 3D display, OLED panel module, OLED materials, PI substrates, barrier films, modular processing equipment; Force touch and fingerprint identification display  Force touch technology, fingerprint recognition technology, iris recognition, biological recognition, and camera module processing
Touch panel:
Capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen, infrared touch screen, surface acoustic wave touch screen, bending wave touch screen, multi-touch screen, optical touch screen, large-sized touch screen, educational touch screen, industrial touch screen LCD splicing screen, HMI and ITO conductive glass
Touch screen:
Touch screen query AIO, CRT touch screen, touch screen advertising player, touch screen POS machine, touch screen attendance checker, multi-point touch table, KTV VOD, interactive large-sized screen, self-service terminal, LCD touch AIO, LCD advertising player, hanging air,queuing machine, touch screen telephone, multimedia touch screen, public information inquiry system, touch screen query AIO, CRT touch screen monitor, industrial touch screen and man-machine interface;
Touch screen material:
Touch screen IC, touch panel, ITO conductive glass, ITO conductive film, PET protective film, glass substrate, membrane switch, window glass, FPC flexible circuit board, protective film, OCA optical glue, conductive ink, film material, ITO powder and target, electric paste, double-sided adhesive tape, graphene, FPC leads, clean cloth, anti-static product and touch screen surrounding material
Touch screen device:
Touch screen production line equipment, laminating machine, coating machine, combination machine, stamping machine, pulse hot-pressing machine, cutting machine, grinding machine, washing machine, UV curing machine, dispensing machine,fabricating machine,die-cutting machine, laser marking machine, engraving machine, screen printing machine, screen, ovens, automatic optical inspection equipment, anti-static equipment, clean workshop, purification equipment, ultra-pure water treatment equipment, maintenance equipment, etc.
Exhibition area for robotics and intelligent devices:

Products and system solutions supporting industry 4.0 and smart factory; technologies and solutions for the industrial Internet of things; intelligent systems used in vertical industries, etc

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