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International Travel Expo Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – 1 Expo Dr, Hong Kong
Date: August 06, 2020 10:00 – August 09, 2020 18:00

International Travel Expo Hong Kong 1  
The annual ITE Hong Kong, the city’s only travel fair
1 travel fair combining leisure and MICE (666* exhibitors of which 180* MICE)
2 days for trade and another 2 days for FIT (12000* trade visitors, over 50% agents & 20% MICE)
3 segments of Agents, MICE & FIT covered (90000* public visitors with 84% FIT)


The exhibitors cover overseas Tours

With 85% of its exhibitors from outside Hong Kong & some half of 52* exhibiting destinations outside Asia, ITE well covers outbound travel. Requiring registration for admission, ITE’s trade days constitute a trade fair as some 70% of its buyers and trade visitors from Hong Kong and 30% from mainland China and other Asian markets. Often well attended, over 100 travel seminars were held in ITE’s public / FIT days, which gather tenths of thousand frequent travelers. In fact, ITE has both B2B and B2C programs, which for examples can include trade and public seminars on the specific travel theme


Of the 666 exhibitors of ITE

Of the 666 exhibitors of ITE, which drew in its two trade days 2567 MICE / Corporate visitors and 6580 visitors from travel agents, 187 exhibitors present MICE travel products.  Among MICE exhibitors, the three largest segments come mainly from Travel Agents / DMC, Hotel & Venue and NATO. 


Moreover, the majority of these visitors interested in holding events overseas

Moreover, the majority of these visitors interested in holding events overseas (Table 1); only half from small/medium size enterprises (Table 2); and likely they welcome holding together MICE and leisure travel for the affluent, as indicated in their interests (Table 3).

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