National Defense Information Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: November 02, 2020 09:30 – November 04, 2020 18:00
National Defense Information Technology and Equipment Exhibition 1


National Defense Information Technology and Equipment Exhibition
As China’s only an Exhibition, named defense information that China’s national defense information technology equipment and technology expo (‘ military exhibition), the central military commission (CMC) joint staff, logistics, security, equipment development, training, management, national defense mobilization, military armaments department, the naval armaments department, the air force equipment department, rocket military armaments department, the state ministry of industry, national defense science and industry bureau of 10 the great guidance and support of the military group, by the China Association for peaceful use of military technology, the national federation of industry and science and technology and equipment industry association, China information association, the China national defense science and technology association jointly organized the information branch,”The eighth China national defense information equipment and technology expo (CNTE)”, which was exclusively undertaken by Beijing Fifa exhibition services co., LTD., will be held in Beijing.

The enterprise development military industry exhibition started in 2012

The enterprise development military industry exhibition started in 2012. After eight years of development, it has become a supply and demand platform to showcase the cutting-edge equipment of China’s national defense and military information construction, strengthen civil-military integration, and realize information communication, technology exchange, and product negotiation.

  • Pieces as the capital of China and the political center, Beijing is to meet with senior government officials, policy makers and industry experts a great place, is also the chairman of the central military commission of incorporated after the system reform of the leading bodies (joint staff, logistics, security, equipment development) and the army, navy, air force, army rockets, war industry group and the location of the relevant scientific research institutes, more have a chance to get their feedback directly.
  • It is fully supported by the Chinese government and military authorities, and the quality and quantity of the audience are guaranteed.
  • The exhibition not only provides direct sales channels for products and technologies but also provides potential opportunities for future cooperation.
  • The purpose of this activity is to provide a platform for mutual exchange and cooperation, expansion of interpersonal network and discovery of potential opportunities.
Product Categories

1. Military computer hardware/autonomous controllable equipment and reinforced computer/embedded exhibition area;

2. The exhibition area of weapon equipment informatization/radar system/unmanned system equipment/artificial intelligence/test and test

3. Microwave rf/electromagnetic compatibility/electronic components/cables and connectors/battery power supply/sensor exhibition area;

4. Military VR virtual simulation/satellite navigation/beidou navigation/time-frequency/geographic information equipment exhibition area;

5. Military computer software/network and information security/information storage/big data and cloud computing exhibition area;

6. Military information display terminal and conference system/broadcasting system/video conference/digital audio-visual exhibition area;

7. Military communication system/command system/transmission equipment/control equipment/Internet of things/command vehicle exhibition area;

8. Data center /UPS/ battery/precision air conditioning/cabinet/moving ring monitoring/integrated wiring/lightning protection exhibition area;

9. Exhibition area of UAV and UAV detection/interception/control equipment/anti-UAV equipment;

10. The exhibition area of military security information equipment and military perimeter alarm and early warning system;

11. Military supporting equipment/new materials/special vehicles and command vehicles/square cabin equipment exhibition area;

National Defense Information Technology and Equipment Exhibition display military computer hardware and software and network equipment

National Defense Information Technology and Equipment Exhibition display military computer hardware and software and network equipment, military information security and storage, equipment information, microwave radio frequency, and electromagnetic compatibility, military, the military information visualization and video conferencing equipment, military communications command equipment, and military security products and military IoT.

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