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SAMPE China Conference & Exhibition

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre – 6 N 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100096
Date: June 04, 2020 09:00 – June 06, 2020 18:00

SAMPE China Conference & Exhibition 1


SAMPE China Conference & Exhibition 2

SAMPE CHINA is going to be held in Beijing
The  SAMPE CHINA is going to be held in Beijing themed on “Advanced material leads the Innovation of Green Industry”. The three-day exhibition and international academic conference will focus on the subject of advanced composite material structure designing, stable preparation of raw material, tooling designing, manufacturing process, mass production and quality control, testing and characterization, assembly, sustainable development, the current status of engineering and application and the international development trend. So as to promote advanced composite materials in the service of lighter, stronger, more efficient, more environmental protection of green industry innovation and development.


Focus on platform building up for industry end user
Focus on platform building up for industry end user, academia, research of advanced materials and process engineering in particular advanced composite products and technology show, exchange and cooperation.  Shanghai Total of 600+ delegates attended the technical conference & sessions, participants mainly from domestic and foreign aviation, aerospace, defense, ships, high-speed trains, Automotive, wind energy and other production enterprises, research institutions and universities. 6 keynote presentations from 4 Counties, more than 227 technical papers from 12 countries, 176 international exhibitors, and 9000+ professional buyers visited the exhibition.

SAMPE CHINA  is sincerely inviting all the international exhibitors involving the advances composite material
SAMPE CHINA  is sincerely inviting all the international exhibitors involving the advances composite materials, process engineering, and applications to exhibit at the show, for products marketing, technical communication, and collaboration.  

Exhibits Detail
1. Advanced Composites Materials: Structural Composites, Bio-composites, Smart Composites, Functional Composites, Environmentally Friendly Composites, Thermoplastics, Graphene, Additive Manufacturing, etc.

2. Raw and Auxiliary Materials for Advanced Composites: High-performance Reinforcing Fibers, Matrix Materials, Sandwich Materials (Foams and Honeycombs), Textile, Prepreg, Auxiliary Materials, Adhesives, Coatings, etc.

 3. Advanced Manufacturing, Composite Manufacturing Technology, Tooling designing, Process Technology and Equipment, Performing, Low-cost Technology, etc.

 4. Testing: NDE, Testing and Characterizing Methods of Mechanical, Chemical, and Physical Properties, and the Instruments.

5. Applications: Aerospace, Safety, Marine, High-speed Train, Automotive, Green Energy, Electronics, and Sports & Leisure, etc.

6. Digital Technology and CAE System of Composite Materials: Designing, Simulations, Analysis and Optimization, Digital Equipments, Database, etc.

7. Repair Technology for Advanced Composite (Service, Process technology and equipment)

8. Recycle Technology  
Backgroud:Carbon fiber really is one of those miracle materials of the modern age. The manufacturers are daily trying to figure out ways to reduce production costs so they can start molding the entire product out of it. The properties of carbon fiber such as high tensile strength, low weight, and low thermal expansion make it very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military and motorsports along with other competition sports. Although carbon fiber can be relatively expensive, it has many applications in aerospace and automotive fields, such as Formula One racing and wherever high strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity are required such as sailing boats and rowing shell hulls, top-end bicycles and motorcycles. As manufacturing techniques improve and costs reduce it is becoming increasingly common in small consumer goods that require strength, lightness, and stiffness such as laptop bodies, tripod legs, tent poles, fishing rods, hockey sticks, bows and arrows, racquet frames, stringed instrument bodies, drum shells, golf clubs, rowing shells, and crash helmets.


This activity is a part of the SAMPE CHINA 
This activity is a part of the SAMPE CHINA. We would like to attract users, manufacturers, enterprises of materials and production equipment. The activity is aimed at to popularize carbon fiber knowledge by the way of carbon fiber products display, wall poster, video presentations, and interactive activity.


Partner Recruit:

1. Carbon fiber products from Car,3C production, office supplies, furniture supplies, fitting, sports accessories, music instruments, UAV, aeromodelling are all welcome. Deadline of partner recruitment.
2.Recruit 1 company for A live demonstration of carbon fiber products.
3. Poster, video, or interesting article are in a hot collection.

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