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Security Document Summit

Location: Beijing – China National Convention Center(CNCC) – 7 Tianchen E Rd, Ao Yun Cun, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100029
Date: October 13, 2020 09:00 – October 14, 2020 18:00
  Security Document Summit 1  
Security Document Summit (SDS) focuses on a banknote
Security Document Summit (SDS) focuses on a banknote, ID documents,  securities, invoice,certificates, tickets and brand protection,follow advanced security, anti-counterfeiting and traceability technologies. It has become a world-famous event in security and anti-counterfeiting,attracted government delegates and industry experts in designing, equipment, materials, and solutions from more than 30 countries during the past 14 years.  
SDS is not only an important platform for anti-counterfeiting enterprises to communicate
SDS is not only an important platform for anti-counterfeiting enterprises to communicate with end-users but also an annual festival for security and identification industry in China.  
Exhibition: covering the whole industry chain
SDS will attract 100+ exhibitors from more than 20+ countries with a wide coverage of materials, equipment, technology and solutions suppliers, system integrators, government, and commercial end-users. It is the best opportunity for you to learn about the latest products and technologies and look for potential clients and partners  
Leading professional event in security and identification
SDS is the only Chinese platform which focuses on the development and application of identification, anti-counterfeiting and traceability technologies on a banknote, ID documents, securities, financial bills, high-security documents, tickets, and smart labels and provides professional support for government and brand enterprises.  
International exhibition
SDS looks at the global development of security and identification industry. It has attracted government delegates and industry experts from more than 30 countries during the past years to discuss the cutting-edge technologies.

14 years’ successful experience
SDS is now the most influential platform for security and anti-counterfeiting industry with 2000+ visitors and 11 years’ history. It contributes to the implementation of a series of Chinese important programs including Beijing Olympic Games tickets, Shanghai World Expo tickets and other kinds of e-IDs and facilities cooperation with multiple Government Organisations


Products Categories:

 •   Security Design and Printing Platemaking

      Security design system, Security design service, Platemaking

•    Materials
      Special paper, security Inks, security film, photochromic materials,
      fiber, thread, taggants, holography material, label material.

•    Banknotes and Securities technology
      Engraving Intaglio, watermark technology, Security thread,
      holographic technology, OVI/OVMI, micro-lettering, invisible markers

•   ID Documents, Smart cards, and RFID
      Substrate(PVC, PET, PETG, PC, ABS, etc.), security features, printing machine, chips,
      personalization machine, antenna, reading machine, smart card system integration technology
      and application solution, RFID, NFC traceability solution, laminated plate

•   Trace and Track Technology and Solutions:
      Product authentication solutions, product anti-counterfeiting technology, traceability,
      mobile authentication, big data management, and marketing system and solutions,
      variable data printing technology and machine.

•   Digital Security Identification and Recognization Technology
      Biometrics Technology,block chain technology solution,
      artificial intelligence technology solution in the security document, digital stamp, etc.

•   Smart, SecurityLabel and Packaging Technical Solutions
      Hologram label,anti-counterfeiting label,smart label, RFID label,
      active label, intelligent packaging solutions, packaging integration,
      packaging optimization technology and solutions etc.

•   Security Document Reader and Detection Equipment
     ID card reader equipment, E-passport checking equipment, document checker,
     automatic border control equipment, ID management information system

•   Security Printing Equipment and Detection Technology
     Banknote, security document, securities printing equipment,
     post-process finishing, quality testing equipment

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